June 30, 2014

Kate Spade New York Agendas

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed, however, are mine and that of The Caro Diaries.

It's no secret that I love stationery. There's a little category over there on the right that says "Diary of a Stationery Whore", and that's kind of what I am. There's a little tingle that I get when I walk into Staples. Opening a new notebook is an exciting feeling. I genuinely look forward to August and back-to-school shopping because of all the stationery I get to buy. 

I definitely inherited that from my father. He's obsessed with stationery too - but pens especially. He has one pen that he uses for everything. He keeps it in his pocket, or in his briefcase, or car, and it writes like him. When I was younger, he would bring home random stationery from the office and I used to get so excited - about any of it: rolls of paper, pens, sticky notes, legal pads, you name it. He definitely fostered my addiction from a young age. 

So it's definitely no surprise that I love planners and agendas and organization too. If a client of my dad's would send him a yearly agenda, he would always give it to me growing up, and then a few years ago, I switched to Lilly agendas, and later Erin Condren. I always used my Erin Condren planner for school and my reminders, and I used to shove my blog posts in at the bottom, but now that I've added more things to my resume, I need the space more than ever, so I figured why not get my own blog planner. 

So when Lifeguard Press contacted me to review the newest Kate Spade agendas, I couldn't say no, and I'm so glad I didn't because it's absolutely beautiful. I have to say, these agendas are the perfect ones to transition into the real world. I have so many friends who use and adore their Lilly planners, but it's a little too colorful and bright for everyday office environments, that's why I love the new Kate Spade agendas. 

I chose the bella bookshelf print, and it is so me, and at $37, it's a steal for the 17-month calendar! 

What I love most about the Kate Spade planner is that it's sturdy, and includes a lot with it. The large agenda (this one) is 9"x7" and has a hardbound cover, with gold spiral binding - helloooo, it's gold!

Every month comes with a Kate Spade-type quote on the front, like May 2014's "treat yourself".

I paired my planner with my Kate Spade New York pencils, and my gold glitter-dipped mason jars (learn how to DIY here!)

Stop by Lifeguard Press today and order the new 2015 Kate Spade agendas! They're to die for! 

Update: looking for a tutorial to make glittered mason jars? Check out the ones from this post, and an even simpler version

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June 20, 2014

Sun's Out.. FUN's Out?! + Giveaway

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed, however, are mine and that of The Caro Diaries. 

Forget sun's out, guns out.. it's all about the fun this summer! Especially with the newest addition to my summer fun collection.

I'm a big sunglasses girl. It's actually the first thing I gravitate towards in any store, and I'm obsessed with sunglasses. I tried on these darling Tom Ford shades months ago, left the store without them, and haven't found them since - and trust me, I've been looking online and in every sunglasses store that I see. I'm also kinda maybe totally obsessed with Ray-Ban, and love my boyfriend wayfarers - they're oversized and perfect! (PS. this is totes not a Ray-Ban sponsored post, but hey there RB if you wanna hit me up, you know where to find me!)

So now that it's summer and my sunglasses reside on my face 24/7, I thought it would be the perfect time to add a pair of croakies to my life. Yes, croakies, aka sunglass straps. So when Gobi Straps reached out to work with me, it was perfect timing and I was super excited to review one of their products.

Gobi was actually born out of a time of struggle - a time where we had to choose between our eyes and our beers. You see, the makers of Gobi decided one fateful summer day on the beach that they wanted to run and play free without their sunglasses falling off, and enjoy a beer (or two or eight) at the same time. What do we do, they must have shouted - or that's how I'm imagining it in my head. Alas, Gobi was born and so the combination of a sunglass strap and a bottle opener came to life, and we have been happy ever since.

I'm a very simple girl. All I want are functioning sunglass straps, but bonus points if they're cute, and Gobi takes the cake! They have chevron, and gingham and plaid, oh my! They even have a seersucker sunglass strap collection, which I without a doubt indulged in, and just in time for the 4th, a patriotic collection: yes, you're seeing right - american flag sunglass straps.. amazing, isn't it? (or so I assume, I'm not American soooo.. #awks)

They sent me a pair from the seersucker collection to review, try out and keep all for myself - and this thing isn't going anywhere because I'm obsessed with it! I'll preface it and say if your sunglasses are a little thicker, put a pencil or pen in the croakie holes for 5 minutes, and it'll stretch out a little bit more to give some room to allow them in easily. As you can see in my photos, I didn't figure that out until after I took them - but I'm teaching you, and that's all that counts!

Actually, just kidding. The only thing that counts is the fact that these are all under $20.. yes, $20! I've spent $20 on a lot less, I'll tell ya that!

So, thanks to Gobi, I'm giving a lucky reader their very own pair, just in time for the summer fun! Head over to Gobi Straps and choose one out right now, because the odds are very much in your favor! 

Good luck! The giveaway runs until next Thursday 26th at 11:59pm! 

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June 19, 2014

Problems Girls Have To Deal With (And Small Ways We Can Fix Them!)

Thank you to Kotex for sponsoring this discussion. All opinions expressed are mine and that of The Caro Diaries.

Sometimes being a girl sucks. Like, guys have it so much easier a lot of times - because for one, they don't have to deal with major female issues, like periods or giving birth (that's a big one!). So lucky them. I was complaining to my roommate how much issues we girls have to deal with, and saying how much it sucks that guys get off on a lot of these - like why don't they have to deal with hair and makeup? 

Whenever I'm going out at home with my brother, he always gets so mad at me because I take forever to get ready to go anywhere. I'm sorry, but if we're going to a party at a club or bar, I have to do my hair and makeup, choose an outfit, prep my feet for heels, and make sure my outfit is accident-proof - we don't want anything showing! He, on the other hand, just gets to throw on a pair of jeans, loafers and a button down shirt, because life is nice when you're a guy apparently. But I'm trying to fix that! Well, at least try to help us ladies out in some small way.. 

I'm sorry, but last time I checked, guys don't have to strap two bad boys down to their chest, make sure they aren't roaming free, yet still have to make sure they look good in our dress/shirt/outfit. Bras are such a struggle, and I am insanely jealous of all the small-boobed girls who can pull off the "no bra" look because they are truly the most uncomfortable things in the world. Plus, no matter your cup size, strapless bras just fall down and feel horrible, and you're guaranteed a fashion malfunction unless you're double and triple checking that thing!

Guys certainly don't have to deal with strapping on a pair of 5 inch death wishes to their ankles either. Yes, I know this is technically optional, but as a 5"3 bonafied shortie, I like my stumpy legs to look a little leaner and longer with the help of my friend the pump! He does wonders for me ;). Of course I always expect myself to look like this in heels..

And I end up looking a little bit more like this..

If you're like me, and love the look yet can't spend too long in them, invest in a pair of Tieks! I got mine a couple weeks ago, and I haven't taken them off since. I throw them on in the morning, with my heels in my handbag, and switch whenever I'm ready. And later, whenever my feet feel like absolute death, I switch back and into a piece of heaven.

{doing our hair and makeup}
I'm sorry, but do guys actually have to care how they look? Because we do, and it sucks! I mean yeah I get that guys have to fix their hair (or lack thereof) before they go out, but all they do is slab on some gel, tousle it a couple times and then it's usually done. Although, as a sister to three brothers, it takes them a little longer than that - inefficient! We, on the other hand, have to blow-dry or straighten or curl our hair, especially if we aren't blessed with the hair of an angel - much to my disappointment. Then, we have to manage to make our faces look presentable - and by that I mean actually have our eyes match - you know how bad I am at doing that. Although I'm hopeless at doing my makeup, I'll share my little hair (not-so) secret with you: I use Moroccan Oil on days that I want my hair to be a little shinier, a little smoother, and a little less frizzy. I just put some in my hair after I get out the shower, and then towel-dry my hair and let it dry naturally. It works for me.. 


You didn't think I'd let this one go, now did you? Let's be real, periods can easily be the worst part about being a girl sometimes. Does anyone else feel like they turn into a raging psycho, or is that just me? JK, let's not feed that stereotype. But periods suck for many reasons: cramps, mood swings, bloating, cravings, and ruined underwear! 
I don't know about you, but I've ruined quite a few pairs of underwear in my lifetime from unwanted and unexpected leaks. I even now have designated "period panties" - TMI? Anyways, thanks to U by Kotex, we don't have to worry about ruining our underwear anymore. With their new 3D Capture Core technology, they lock all liquids in and they ain't going anywhere, especially not on our expensive undies! I've been using these all week, and I think I'm officially convinced - I'm saying goodbye to my old go-to pads! 
And, if you head over there now, they'll send you a free sample to try and to convince you to make the switch too. Need any more convincing? Check out how cute the packaging is! 

Do you absolutely dread your period too, or is it just me? What other issues do we ladies have to deal with? Thanks to U by Kotex, ruined undies isn't one anymore

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June 18, 2014

NYC Bucket List

After yesterday's post, I realized that although I've been stepping out of my comfort zone lately, it's time to completely break through it. I received countless encouraging and sympathizing comments, emails and texts, and I can't begin to explain how grateful I am for not only being able to express how I feel, but for having the support from all of my readers, fellow bloggers and friends and family.

So, after opening up for the first time really, I decided to get my life together. Only a few hours later, a friend texted me asking if I'd like to join her for trivia night at a bar in East Village, and I thought why the hell not? I mean, here I was complaining that New York wasn't what I expected it to be, when at 8pm I had just gotten back to my apartment from running errands all afternoon, and I was going to spend the rest of my night with good old Netflix. So why the hell not? I threw on my flats and headed to the Subway station.

Why the hell not is probably going to be my summer motto - at least until I get the hang of things in NYC. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to become a modern-day Yes Man a la Jim Carrey, but I'm going to step out of my comfort zone a little more than I originally planned. And what does that mean? Who knows.. but why the hell not?!

// Visit McGees: Said to be the real-life version of How I Met Your Mother's McLaren's, I have to have a drink and a meal at the now-famous pub.

// Walk The Brooklyn Bridge: Conveniently, I live in Bk, and actually like 3.5 seconds from the bridge, so why not? [done - 07/29]

// Go to Smorgasburg: Every Saturday and Sunday in Brooklyn, there's Smorgasburg - a food festival full of any kind of vendor you can imagine. It's fantastic to be there, but probably horrible for both your wallet and your waistline. [done - 06/15, and every weekend since]

// Visit all 5 Boroughs: NYC famously has five boroughs. I've been to two already (obviously Brooklyn and Manhattan), but I've only driven through Queens and I have yet to head to The Bronx or Staten Island, so I gotta get those three done this summer.

// Kayak The East River: Imagine how cute it would be to kayak under the Brooklyn Bridge and along the promenade? I see people do it all the time, and it reminds me of home in a way..

// Help Someone Who Asks For Directions: I'm talking like "how do I get here", and me explaining descriptively. I want to know NYC so well that I can actually tell someone where to go. So far, I've helped people figure out the subway system, but I haven't really helped with directions per se.. [done - 06/27]

// See a Broadway Play: I have a couple on my list that I definitely want to see: Hedwig and the Angry Inch (NPH is amazing!), Aladdin, Matilda, and Jersey Boys are definitely must-sees for me! [done, Newsies - 07/19, Aladdin - 08/03]

// Try Something Completely Different: I want to try something I'd never normally do - be it, a new fashion trend, a new food, or a new hobby. [done - boxing]

// Sit at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade: Luckily for me, the promenade is less than three blocks away from my apartment, so I get to do this at least once a week. It's completely relaxing, and some good inspiration too. [done]

and this is only an iPhone panorama.. imagine how beautiful this looks in real life! 

// Go to an Awards Show: I've always wanted to be in the crowd at an Awards ceremony, seeing the fabulous fashions, celebs walking by, and all the performances up close and personal. [done - The Tony Awards - 06/08] 

// See the Sun Rise over the City: I've seen the sun set, but I want to be up early enough to sit on the promenade and see the sun rise over the cityscape. Pictures will most definitely follow!

// Go to the Chelsea Outdoor Flower Market: I work in Chelsea, and I've walked past it a few times, but I want to explore and actually see it in its entirety.

// Have a Conversation with a Complete Stranger in a Coffee Shop: This actually happened on my first day in the city! I was sitting in Starbucks after work and a random girl and I started chatting. As it turns out, we're both sisters of Alpha Chi Omega. We freaked out and obviously took pictures throwing what we know. [done - 06/02]

LITB, sista sista.. 

// Go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens: I hear the views are absolutely breathtaking, so I'd love to spend a day there, just relaxing, sightseeing and maybe taking a few pics to share! [done - 07/08]

// Visit Coney Island: I haven't been to Coney Island since I was ten, but I'm dying to go back! They just reopened the Thunderbolt roller coaster this week, and it's better than ever, so I want to force myself to get on it!

// Go to the Bronx Zoo: Killing two birds with one stone (not literally), by crossing both this and Bronx off my list!

// Attend a Conference: I'm actually booked for the HerCampus Collegiette Conference in July, and I'm super excited to meet some of my blog friends, and some of the ladies from Nationals! [done - 07/12]

// Buy a Cupcake from the Sprinkles ATM: This one is self-explanatory. Cupcakes!!!

// See a Movie Premiere/Filming: There's always one going on in NYC, and I'm more than willing to be that person in the back of the crowd. [done - Boardwalk Empire - 07/25]

// Go to a Taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: Unfortunately, I've been trying to get tickets for Jimmy Fallon for months without any luck. I'm so desperate now, I'm ready to beg all of you to tweet at him to get me some tickets! I mean, it worked for Helene and Tomorrowland, why the hell not..

What else should I add to this list? Did I miss any of your favorite spots in NYC? 

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June 17, 2014

Opening Up: On What NYC Is Really Like

Just typing this post into Blogger is super weird for me. Over the last year, and some months, since I've created The Caro Diaries, I've always stayed pretty far away from personal posts. Once or twice, I opened up a little bit more through my Wednesday Wisdom, but I've never really written a real post about my life, or what I've experienced, or anything really. So here goes.. I don't even know if I'll be posting this, or if this will be just another unfinished draft sitting in my feed for months and months - there are way too many of these to count.

I moved to New York City a couple weeks ago, and it's been fantastic so far. I'm living in the cutest little area, I have a great apartment, I was lucky to have an amazing roommate (unlike my past roommate experience) and I'm working at an internship I know people would kill for, so why isn't it what I expected?

I have no want for anything - my parents and family have provided me with everything I could possibly need. My job is great, they treat me great and I'm not dreading it every morning. I have a couple days off every week My roommate and I get along great, and hang out almost 24/7. I have an awesome gym a minute away that I love. So what's this feeling that I'm having?

I'm by no means sad, or depressed, or anything about my experience. It's just... different than I expected. Different. Different. Things turn out differently all the time. Life isn't supposed to run smoothly. Things aren't supposed to go as planned 24/7. So why is this one affecting me more than I planned for?

B is spending the summer interning at a med program in Michigan, and because it's a fairly small program (20-30 students in total), he's made a lot of friends. They're all living there full-time, and hanging out, playing cards and partying together. My program is a lot smaller - there are only 4 interns at my company, and we all get along great, but none of them live in the city - they're all commuting in from surrounding areas. So I can't expect my experience to be the same as his.. yet I find myself jealous in a way. It sounds stupid, right?

I'm in the most amazing city in the world. There are roughly 8 million people surrounding me in NYC. Then why isn't it what I thought it would be? I'm living in a huge internship apartment complex that houses thousands of students, so why am I finding it so hard to make friends? And not just making friends, connecting with anyone. NYC is one of the busiest cities in the US, yet why do I feel so alone sometimes?

I know it sounds crazy. I've made friends, gotten to know people, and even hung out with some of my best friends from college and home, yet I still feel somewhat alone. I guess the bigger the city, the more lonely you are, huh? I've gotten out of my comfort zone - started taking boxing classes, which is a lot more fun than I expected, but after two weeks here, I feel like the ship has sailed and I've missed my chance to hop aboard the adventures.

I know I'm being stupid. I know it's just a phase and I need to bite the bullet and start embracing more things, meeting more people, and enjoying it all more. And I promise I will. I just needed to get this off my chest first.

Don't get me wrong, I love the city. I love the freedom. I love being able to hop on a Subway in the morning with my iPod blasting and not a care in the world. I love being able to hop on a Subway and explore. I love being able to leave my apartment to go pick up this, or that. I love the independence. But the loneliness is suffocating sometimes, and I'm working through that.

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June 12, 2014

Giveaway of the Week: THREE Erin Condren Life Planners

Today is officially the day that Erin Condren launches her brand new life planner, and I have legitimately been counting down until today.

I first discovered Erin Condren's life planners when I was looking for a switch from my regular Lilly Pulitzer agendas, and I fell in love with them. Last year, I shared some of my favorites, and I ended up buying one that I love and that has planned every aspect of my life, from school, to meetings, to my blog, to reminders, to even the gym and cooking at night. I'm a little Type A, and having the planner on me at all times keeps me sane and keeps my anxiety at bay. Plus, they're like 100% customizable, and customizing always wins in my book!

The newest life planners have a lot of changes with them - the main one being interchangeable covers! Yes, now you don't have to choose just one.. you can choose multiple to interchange on a daily basis. I love this idea because sometimes my bright planner is a little too much for every day.. sometimes I want something more muted.. and sometimes I just can't decide which one to choose. So this is perfect for someone like me with the decisive skills of an ant (ie. none). Take a look at the newest additions to the life planner we all know and love.. including a new clear ruler, removable covers, a perpetual address book and calendar, and the new coil clips! The best part, is that she's maintained the same price from last year - $50 for 12 months, and an extra $5 for the remainder of 2014! So for $55, you have a planner from July 2014 - December 2015!
erin condren life planners giveaway!
Aren't they amazing? Don't you want one right now?! Yeah.. I do! Lucky for you, I teamed up with Erin Condren to give away THREE life planners to three lucky winners! I'm giving away three $100 gift cards - enough money to cover the cost of a planner, shipping and whatever extra add-ons your heart desires! Last year, I added customized stickers, extra blank stickers, a pen holder, bands, and so much more. Trust me.. the money goes quickly, especially with the amount of options you have! 
And as an added bonus to EVERYONE, if you sign up on the website using this link, you'll get a $10 off coupon to use on any purchase! So imagine this, PLUS the $100 gift card if you win - SO MUCH ERIN CONDREN STUFF! 
I'm really excited about this giveaway, and I hope you are too! It runs from today til next Thursday 19th at 11:59pm! Good luck, y'all!
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June 10, 2014

Bowtique Dreamin'

A couple months ago, a new blogger popped up on my radar and we became fast friends. Jacqueline is a blogger, sorority girl and fashion star, and on top of all that, she runs her own Etsy shop.

Now it's no surprise to anyone here that I love monograms, even though mine is annoying because my middle and last name are the same initial, but hey I'll take on my husband's name and we'll be fine!

Jacqueline, knowing my love of monograms, actually offered to send me some stuff from her fantastic store - called Bowtique by Jacqueline, and I am obsessed with it!

She sells anything from bows, to monogrammed decals, to the item that she sent me which was a monogrammed jewelry tray for my desk. I had tried to make a DIY version of this last year, and I'm just not crafty and I failed and decided I preferred a blank tray anyways.. lieeees. 

Jacqueline's own looks even better than I can ever do.. I opted to get the gold glitter monogram, because it's me let's be real, and I throw my jewelry there every day when I take it off, just so it's not lying around everywhere, and so I don't lose my pieces.

Jewelry is incredibly important to me, and I cherish every single piece and can remember where I got it, who was with me and where I wore it. So having this tray to hold my jewelry is perfect for me!

This tray was only $13 in her shop, so that just shows how affordable her things are - and they're handmade and SO cute so it doesn't really get better than that. So check out Jacqueline's blog, and stop by her shop and pick up some cute pieces for yourself. A little monogram never killed nobody! ;) 

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June 06, 2014

Dorm Room Essentials

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed, however, are my own and that of The Caro Diaries. 

For the last two years, I've lived on campus at my university, and I've loved it! Right before freshman year, I bought my bedding after days of searching for the perfect one. I knew I didn't want a bed-in-a-bag, or any scratchy Bed, Bath and Beyond bedspreads, and I really wanted a comfy duvet, so it took me most of the week before college when I moved to the US, to find my perfect bedding. 

Two years later, I'm a little bored of it and I'm ready for an upgrade. I'm kind of mad I never knew that Pottery Barn had a "dorm" section of their PBTeen collection. So when PBDorm asked me to create my dream bedroom, I knew I would have so much fun with it. So, these are some of my dorm room essentials, and some of my fave things from PBDorm's collection.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

So as for my dorm room essentials. After two years of college, I think I'm adequately trained to tell you this..

[a lap desk] 
I don't think I ever do work at my desk.. I'm always on my bed doing work, because it's comfier and let's be real, desks suck. Getting a good lap desk is key for college, and this Pottery Barn one is awesome cause it holds your tablet in it - I love being able to watch Netflix on my iPad without having to hold it all night. PBDorm also has storage lap desks, which open up and holds things for you which is like, amazing..

[a sturdy laundry bag] 
No matter where you go to college, you're more likely than not going to have to lug your laundry across a hallway, floor, or even down some stairs or an elevator. Even now, in NYC, I have to lug my laundry downstairs, across the entire building and down another flight of stairs or one verrryyy slow elevator stop. So investing in a great laundry bag that won't rip or fall apart, and not flash your undies to everyone else is a must!

[organizational tools]
okay, this one might just be me because I love organization, but getting yourself some magazine holders for your textbooks on your desk (or how I used it - done, and to do.. I would move the notebook over to done when I finally finished the assignment for that class). I love the desk organizational stuff from PB, and even their makeup organization stuff too because more often than not, my makeup is spewed all across my counter.. not organized whatsoever.

[decorative pillows] 
This one is a must! No matter your style, preference or fashion taste, decorative pillows can add a pop of color and personality to any room, and of course you should choose one that reflects you. For me, I would choose a cute monogrammed pillow like this PBTeen one - it would look so cute!

[bedding that you love] 
If you hate your bedding or think it's uncomfortable or doesn't reflect you, then you're not gonna be as comfortable in your room as you think. Your bedding says a lot about you - especially to roommates who are still getting to know you. Choose something you love - it's the perfect statement piece! 
Happy dorm room shopping, y'all..

P.S. you save 10% here when you use your .edu email address! You're welcome ;)! 

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June 04, 2014

The Best Advice for Incoming Freshmen from College Seniors

I'm a firm believer that college is what you make of it. I have loved my college experience over the last two years, because I went in my first day of freshman year knowing that the next four years were exactly what I wanted them to be, as long as I made the effort and put myself out there. 

I've tried lots of things - some temporarily, some for a while, and some I'm still getting into, but the main thing is that I'm trying my best to get out there and experience new things, meet new people and expand my horizons. I knew that would give me more of an experience than just going to a bar every weekend and a frat party every night - not that I don't still do that, but you know.. time management is another post.

So I asked some of my Senior friends - the ones who just graduated - the Class of 2014, to help me out here. I asked one simple question: 
what's one piece of advice you would give to incoming freshmen, knowing what you know now? 
And this is what they said.. 
"Most of learning in college is done outside the classroom -- through organizations you join and working with people you meet. You get out what you put in, so do as much as you can and be as open-minded as you can to broaden your horizons."

"Find the things you're passionate about -- even if it means testing out a bunch of different clubs, organizations, jobs, etc. during college. If you keep putting yourself out there, you'll eventually find your interests and be able to really enjoy your involvement!"
"Find yourself a good group of people who challenge you and make you better. College is so much more than the parties and the socialization. It's becoming the best version of yourself in four great years. The more time you spend with the people who make it worthwhile, the better experience it will be!"
"Don't worry about what other people think. Do the things that make you happy. Anyone who judges you for what you're doing isn't worth your time and those who support you through everything will help you grow in ways you wouldn't believe"
"Take as many chances as possible. Try to limit your fears as much as you can and test your boundaries. At the end of your 4 years, you'll be grateful for the opportunities you took, rather than the ones you missed."
"You should only have one answer to any opportunity that comes your way right now: "yes.""
"Do not try to do everything on campus but where you do get involved give your 100 percent."
"Don't be afraid to make mistakes...you learn the most from when you fuck up, move on, and improve."
"Don't be afraid to ask for help: from professors, the learning center, even your friends and family - if you are struggling, ask them for help. Especially professors, many freshmen don't realize that professors don't want you to fail, and will work around your schedule to help you through the material you are going over in class!"
"Speak up. College is nothing like high school where you grew up with everyone in the classroom. It's a new place with people of different backgrounds and different personalities. It's important to stay true to you and to be outspoken. You can easily get lost in the crowd or you can be an outstanding individual and influence people." 
"Give people a shot, or a second chance. Sometimes we assume we won't get along with someone from a glance or first interaction, but I've found once I learned to open myself up and let people in for a first or sometimes second chance, I was able to learn a lot about myself and that other person. I love to prove people (myself included) wrong, so it's a win/win, especially when you make a really great connection out of it!" 
So that's the key to being successful I guess.. thank you so much to all my friends who helped me out here.. I'll miss you all next year! 

Incoming freshmen, take notes.. it's easier knowing this stuff now, than learning it a few years in. College is exactly what you make it: get involved, go out there and do something different, meet new people, and have as much fun as you can because it flies by, as these graduates can attest to. 

Happy final few weeks of high school, Seniors! You're almost in college!