July 09, 2014

Tag Your Bag

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed, however, are mine and that of The Caro Diaries. 

I've slowly been making progress on my NYC bucket list since I moved here. I've helped someone with directions.. in Italian (no, I don't speak any Italian.. I'm not sure if I helped at all..), I've witnessed something crazy - lightning over the NYC skyline, insane!, and I've made it to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, and it is all it's cracked up to be. 

My friend Kasie and I used our day off to explore the beautiful gardens, and I totally wanna head back on a day that I'm dressed for the warmer weather. My long pants were sticking to my body, and after an hour I was ready to go. But definitely not before I snapped some photos!

shirt: Lou&Grey // pants: Fire (old) // shoes: Tieks by Gavrieli // sunglasses: RayBan (old) // bag: Cinco Powell (c/o)

A few weeks ago, Cinco Powell sent me one of their fabulous totes - complete with a monogram and a tassel to make it the perfect summer tote for me. It's roomy enough that it fits everything I travel with (a DSLR, wallet, cosmetics pouch, notebook, my planner, and more!). I love carrying my iPad around with me on days I don't have to be at the office, because the last thing I want to do is use my laptop after being on it all week, and this bag is perfect for it because it has the perfect iPad slot! (it can even fit my MacBook for days I do decide to bring it along with me!)

Of course I would choose the winter white bag, with the most perfect leather accents and a fuchsia monogram. The really cool thing about Cinco Powell's bags is you don't have to monogram it to personalize it -you can "tag your bag" by purchasing tassels, monogrammed tags and others, and mix and match depending on your mood, style, or outfit of the day! I chose a fuchsia tassel to compliment my block monogram, and I'm obsessed with it! I've even been tagging other bags that I own, adding the tassel to it for a pop of color!

The quality of the leather far exceeds the price you pay for this beauty of a bag.. andddd surprise: they reduced their prices.. by A LOT! Now, you can grab this bad boy for only $126, and not the $300+ figure that they used to be! Grab them fast though, this bag is a summer must-have! 

P.S. can we talk about how bad I am at being a fashion blogger.. these pics are so #awks.

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  1. yay, you did it! you look fabulous lady!!

  2. Definitely fashion blogger-status! (Although I have minimal experience too haha) I love the bag and it does look perfect for on-the-go. I'm loving the simplistic look and the bright white!

    xo, gina

  3. I think you did a wonderful job! I know what you mean about feeling awkward, but I think you did fabulously. And I love your bag!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Love that bag.

  5. This bag is perfection. I've been wanting one of these Cinco Powell bags for so long! You look adorable by the way - not awkward at all! :]


  6. Love the bag! Needing a tote that can carry everything

  7. Cute outfit and I love the bag. I love big totes, especially during the summer when I feel the need to carry everything with me on my adventures!

  8. You're a natural fashion blogger!! Those pics were great! And that bag is to die for; I'm kind of obsessed!

    I can't wait to see you Saturday at the HC Conference :) Bring that awesome camera and lets snap some photos!


  9. Cute bag! And, lightning over the NYC skyline?! WOW! <3

  10. Glad you are loving NYC, so much to explore!

  11. OMG That bag is ADORABLE!!! I admit I had to stop reading to go check it out!! Loving the outfit too!

  12. That is a very pretty bag! And your picture are definitely not awkward!

  13. Love the review of the bag and you look adorable! Thank you!!
    Cinco Powell

  14. I want that bag!! Holly and I are also in NYC, but still haven't made it to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Have you been to the Bronx Zoo yet? That's definitely a Summer must-see for me!


  15. That bag is BEAUTIFUL!! and so are you :)

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