August 29, 2014

Part of the Family: Flake-Free and Voluminous Hair

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed, however, are mine and that of The Caro Diaries. 

It's no secret that I don't adapt to change very well. And I get it from somewhere - it's from my father. My father is such a creature of habit that he buys the same coffee, the same shaving cream, the same cologne and the same shampoo every single time for as long as I've known him - 20 years. He doesn't change, and it's something I love about him. And there's a reason he doesn't change: it's because it works. I truly believe that if something isn't broken, there's no need to fix it, and I definitely got that from Dad - because after 20+ years of using Head and Shoulders, his hair is still flake free, fantastic and soft as ever, and why change a good thing? 

Head and Shoulders has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember, so when I found out that Head and Shoulders was also a part of Sofia Vergara's family and responsible for her gorgeous locks, I knew I needed to re-visit my dad's favorite shampoo and try it for myself this time, and needless to say I loved it! I love knowing that my hair is flake-free and I can part it, style it and showcase it whichever way I want. 

I actually asked a friend of mine, Julia from Beauty by Julia to help me style my hair and make it look voluminous. I guess I always thought of Head and Shoulders as a "dad" shampoo, and not enough as one I could use and actually style my hair regularly. So we created two styles, and she even created a video to go with it so you can recreate the looks and look as fab as I did! 

You can be #PartOfOurFamily too! H&S has teamed up with Sofia Vergara for the contest of a lifetime - to have the chance to meet the leading lady herself at a Head and Shoulders shoot. How you ask? Follow Head and Shoulders on Twitter, post a photo of your gorgeous, flake-free hair and tag #PartOfOurFamily and @HeadShoulders, and you'll be entered to win!

Love my hairstyles? Don't forget to swing by Julia's channel and say hey, show some love or follow her on Instagram.. trust me, you'll be jealous! 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

August 26, 2014

Pay It Forward, Read It Forward

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed, however, are my own and that of The Caro Diaries. 

On Saturday morning, I sat (along with all of the other RAs) with my residents and the entire class of 2018 while Wes Moore addressed them and welcomed them to QU. Wes' book, The Other Wes Moore, has been required reading for incoming freshman for the last three years, and having read the book myself, I found it particularly inspiring hearing him speak. The book discusses that he, and this other boy with the same name as him, had drastically different fates, despite growing up in similar neighborhoods and with a lot of similar factors. Wes, the author, was a Rhodes scholar, an officer in the U.S. Army, and many more among that, whereas the other Wes, chose a life of crime, and eventually a life-sentence in jail. 

Wes spoke a lot about how potential does not equal opportunity, and there are millions in the world with the potential to do something great, but with no means or resources to get there. And this hit home for me because it reminded me a lot of my home and the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago. It was a reminder for me that I am so blessed to be able to experience an education of a lifetime in the US, at a top private university, and I get to experience so many things that I know many people back home can only dream of. There's no doubt that people in Trinidad have great potential because I know they do. I had classes with them. I grew up alongside them. 

There's no doubt that college is expensive. Tuition is expensive, dorming is expensive, and books are certainly so ridiculously expensive - but every year, more and more professors and schools are accepting e-books. I'm not the kind of person who can learn much off of an e-book though, because I like highlighting, making notes in-book and learning as I go, and reading a book off my Kindle just doesn't do it for me. So McGraw-Hill Education's Smartbook, which is the first and only adaptive reading and learning experience designed to change how students read and learn. It continuously adapts to a student's study experience - highlighting content based on what you know and don't know. 

But one of my favorite things about the SmartBook is what I recently learned about McGraw-Hill's new Read It Forward campaign. With every purchase through their CourseSmart series by October 31, McGraw-Hill Education will donate a textbook to children in need all over the world. You buy a book, they give a book. Because of McGraw-Hill, we have the power to help educate children around the world, we can give them opportunities and the resources to help them reach their potential. 

McGraw-Hill Education supplied me with my own SmartBook to try it out myself, and I have to say it's super cool. Plus, by sending me the SmartBook, they also gave a textbook to a child in need - so it's even more rewarding to know that while I'm learning and expanding my mind, I'm allowing a child in need to do the same.

Plus, McGraw-Hill understands how broke college kids can be, and they're offering 15% your purchase with the promo code FORWARD14 from now til October 31. With our help, SmartBook will have an even greater impact on student education than ever before, and there's nothing more rewarding than that. 

Opportunity shouldn't overrule potential, and McGraw-Hill's Read It Forward is making sure of that. 

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August 25, 2014

The Do's and Don'ts of Sorority Recruitment

First things first, I need to apologize for going MIA the last few weeks. I left NYC sadly and returned to campus for RA training, and starting my first week as an RA. I'm so lucky that I have 38 of the most amazing residents, and I'm obsessed with them already. I feel like a total mom, but it's fine because it comes naturally to me - I've always been the "mom" of my friend group.

I may have spoken about it before, but I've actually temporarily disaffiliated from my sorority for this semester's formal recruitment. Yep, I'm becoming a recruitment counselor - also called a Rho Chi, Pi Chi and Rho Gamma at different schools, but basically, I disassociate - no letters, no events, no chapter - until bid day, when I get to run home after sending all the PNMs to their home too!

I'm very excited about it, because I had a RC who changed my sorority recruitment experience. I went in wanting one sorority - not openly, but definitely in the back of my mind - and when I was cut on the second day, I was crushed. I cried to a recruitment counselor saying that I wanted to drop from recruitment, and I am so so so glad she convinced me to finish out the day and re-visit the sororities that asked me back, because that's when I fell in love with my own sorority.

So I started thinking about things I wish I knew when I went through recruitment.. little tips and tricks to make it easier, and to prevent my tears. So this is a little "I wish I would have known..".

// DO be open minded: you never know which sorority or what girls may surprise you - trust me, it's more common than you think. 

// DON'T "suicide rush": don't go in only wanting one sorority, and letting it be known to everyone because it's the easiest way for sororities to drop you. no sorority wants to pref a girl who doesn't want them, so keep your mind open and your mouth shut! 

// DO ignore rumors and stereotypes: rumors are called rumors for a reason - they're not real 9 times out of 10. don't go into recruitment with the talk that this sorority hazes and that sorority only chooses skinny girls and this sorority is full of the "weird girls", and those are the party girls on campus. ignore it, forget the stereotypes, and find where you fit in - without listening to others' opinions. 

// DON'T be too upset if you get rejected: sometimes you don't get asked back by a sorority that you really liked, or thought you wanted - don't let that get you down. every sorority has a limited number of spots they can fill, and sometimes you just weren't one of the girls to grab one of those spots. don't let that discourage you - go back to the others, give them a second chance, and you may just fall in love with one of them too! 

// DO dress appropriately: the only thing that'll make you even more nervous for recruitment is showing up in the wrong attire. pay proper attention to the recommended dress code. you don't want to show up in jeans on pref round, in a dress on bid day and in shorts when you're supposed to be business casual. it's great to stand out, but you may not be remembered in the way you'd like..

// DON'T compare your "rush" experience to friends at another school: freaking yourself out because your friend who goes to a large state school experienced this or that during her recruitment period, or a friend who goes to a small liberal arts college experienced something completely different. every school does recruitment differently, and you shouldn't let what your friends say impact or scare you at all!

// DO avoid controversial conversations: a good rule of thumb is to avoid the 5 B's: boys, booze, Barack (politics), beliefs and bucks. no one is going to talk about crazy parties, how drunk you were last week, or that you hate this, that or the other, because you don't know what the girl you're talking to believes, enjoys or even thinks. instead, discuss things about the chapter like their sisterhood, their philanthropy and what it's like to have 100+ sisters you can lean on, and leave a positive imprint on the chapter. 

// DON'T forget to enjoy yourself: although it can be super stressful, recruitment is still meant to be fun and enjoyable, so relax, have fun and i'll see ya on the other side!

Good luck with recruitment, ladies!

Do you agree with these tips? What advice would you give to some PNMs going through formal recruitment? 

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August 12, 2014

Dorm Room DIY: Spice Up Your Small Space

It looks like I'm late to the link-up, but I have a valid reason, I swear.

Depressingly enough, Sunday was my last day in NYC and I packed up all of my things and headed in a car to Connecticut and back to QU for Res Life training and my Junior year of college.. scaaary! After literally hauling all my things from the car to the elevator, and then dragging them into my room and setting up temporarily, I got a rush of excitement. In a week or so, these halls are gonna be filled with freshman, excited for their first taste of freedom, their first chance to create something of their own, and for the start of four of the best years of their life.. and I got inspired!

My room is small - but very cozy, and I spent most of Sunday planning in my head how I'm going to rearrange the room. Which way I should put my bed. If I should put my desk against this corner or that one. How am I going to decorate. All of these thoughts literally ran through my head all day, and I started thinking of easy ways to make this dorm room feel like home. I've dealt with some tough roommate experiences in the past, making my room the opposite of home - so I'm excited to turn my new single room into my own little (tiny) apartment.

So I'm sharing my fave DIY tricks to turn that small space into a comfortable one - and I'm keeping it cheap, because let's be real.. you're a college kid now!

image via WikiHow


Forget pictures of home hanging on your wall, this craft is one of my favorites because you get to rep not just your state, but your hometown too. Home is literally where the heart is with this cute DIY canvas that's easy to make and adds so much character and a great story to your bedroom..


There's no better way to showcase your fashion sense and style than by creating a chic jewelry board. Choosing fabrics that express your personality, and showing off your fave accessories add a unique touch to your room. Plus, how convenient is this one!?


When you go to college, you're going to want to be surrounded by photos of home, friends, family and loved ones to remind you of them and provide a familiar face in all your new experiences. By buying a wooden letter and some mod podge, you can create a new dorm room accessory that's not only cute, but also personal!


In college, you'll be using your phone, laptop, e-reader and iPods pretty regularly, and need to charge them daily or weekly. This power station transforms your charger cords into a cute little station, and organizes and pretties up the usually cluttered section. It's fairly simple to do and makes a big difference when compared to tangled cords.


Sticking up photos all over your room is highly recommended while you're at school. It's a great way to surround yourself with friends, family and great memories, and to keep you calm when you're so far away from home. Using twine and clothes pins, this transforms your room and empty wall space so much more than a regular photo collage or frames would.


This one is super useful and adds a girly touch to any room by showcasing your own makeup. It also forces you to filter through and only keep what you actually use. It would be great to stick next to your mirror and make your daily makeup routine so much easier!


I've seen this one all over Pinterest and I've always loved it, so when I stumbled across this one I absolutely knew I needed to make it! It's so colorful and a quick way to brighten any room, but the inspirational word (or you can use a quote) adds some motivation daily which is always a plus when you're living away from home! Theinstructions sound easy enough.. but knowing me, I'd end up on Pinterest Fail! 
UPDATE: the original owner of the photo and tutorial's blog is no longer available.


When you're in college, you HAVE to be organized. You have no mom telling you to wake up and go to your 8am class, and no one is there to keep track of the 16 credits you're taking, all those tests and projects, as well as meetings and other extra curricular activities. I love the idea of this weekly calendar in these frames because it's a sort of to-do list, which is always useful when you're away from home.

Are you inspired for some dorm room DIY? I am! Don't forget to click around and join in on the blog hop below and find other back to school posts, and many more!


Link Up Your College Life Blog Posts!

Welcome to Destination: College - A Blog Hop! Join Caro from The Caro Diaries, Jessica from Seeking Individuality and Gina from Gina Alyse as we talk about everything college this month! Link up your college posts (past or present) and find different perspectives about college life through this blog hop. Join us every Monday throughout August to see what tips, advice and real life stories bloggers have to share!

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August 07, 2014

101 in 1001

A few weeks ago, I grabbed coffee with one of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie from Design Darling. We talked about everything from life in NYC, to fashion, to blogging, and even college and sorority life (she was an AXO too!). In the last few minutes, and as we finished up our conversation, we chatted about my New York bucket list and how it was coming along - and she encouraged me to create a bigger one.

I've created bucket lists for as long as I can remember. I have two files on my computer that have transferred from the desktop computer at home, to my first laptop in high school, to my college laptop two years ago, and then to my new laptop a few months back after the incident. One is my bucket list, and the other is my travel bucket list. Yes, that's clearly how Type-A I am, but I've accepted it. Every few months I open my bucket list and cross off what I've accomplished, and add more to the list, so after Mackenzie suggested I create my own version of her 101 in 1001 list, I knew I had to do it.

1001 days is approximately 2.75 years - and it's way too far in advance for me to think about, but I'm willing to bite the bullet and start thinking about April 2017. Crazy! I created my list last week and meant to post it on August 1st but things came up, so it still counts and I still am going from that start date. You ready?! 

STARTS August 1st, 2014
ENDS April 28th, 2017


1. Graduate from Quinnipiac with my Bachelor's in Print Journalism (May 2016).
2. Get a 4.0 one semester. 
3. Get a little in my sorority (October 2014 and March 2015). 
4. Hold an executive board position in my sorority. 
5. Get a job after graduation (August 2016).
6. Create my dream room or apartment. 
7. Find my favorite professor at Quinnipiac (December 2015).


8. Attend New York Fashion Week (October 2015). 
9. Design a collection or product for a company. 
10. Speak at a conference or panel discussion. 
11. Write a book. 
12. Walk a red carpet (and not while I'm working it). 
13. Travel for The Caro Diaries. 
14. Become an editor of a publication. 
15. Learn how to really use Photoshop (Fall 2015, Digital Design class).
16. Cross 1,000 Bloglovin' followers. 
17. Create a media kit (October 2015, God Bless Alicia!).
18. Be featured in an online or print magazine. 
19. Unsubscribe and clean out all the junk in my inboxes.
20. Attend a blogging conference. 
21. Be featured on a college website like USA Today College or Huffington Post College. 
22. Write for a major publication. 
23. Work with my dream brand on The Caro Diaries.

TRAVEL: (5/14)

24. Go to Disney World. 
25. Go to Europe.
26. Go on a real Spring Break (March 2016). 
27. Visit my brother in Miami (November 2014). 
28. Do a NYC weekend with my brother - he's the only one I haven't done NYC with as yet. 
29. Take a girls' trip - just my mom and sisters (March 2016). 
30. Travel with my best friends (August 2016).
31. Be in two places at once - cliché (March 2015). 
32. Experience Times Square on New Years' Eve. 
33. Go to a music festival.
34. Tailgate and attend a country concert. 
35. See the Eiffel Tower at night. 
36. Visit Santorini.
37. Visit Dubai. 

JUST FOR FUN: (5/24)

38. Buy myself a pair of Louboutins. 
39. Fly home for Trinidad Carnival.
40. Be a maid of honor (asked December 2014/June 2015, wedding April 2016). 
41. Run a 5K. 
42. Get fantastic seats to a dream concert.
43. Learn a song on the piano.
44. Go zip lining.
45. Go skydiving.
46. Go bowling. (May 2016).
47. Sing karaoke with my friends. 
48. Go on a real picnic. 
49. Dance in a flashmob.
50. Really learn to ski (March 2015).
51. Throw a themed party. 
52. Crash a wedding.
53. Attend a live taping of a television show (Jimmy Fallon, October 2014). 
54. Crowd-surf. 
55. Sleep under the stars.
56. Pop champagne off the top of a building/on a rooftop. 
57. Fly in a hot-air balloon. 
58. Scream at the top of my lungs off a rooftop. 
59. Go ice-skating at Rockefeller Center (and actually skate) (October 2014).
60. Run a half marathon. 
61. Drive in a convertible with the top down.

PERSONAL: (9/38)

62. Live in New York City for a summer (Summer 2014).
63. Design my own section for a popular Trinidad Carnival band. 
64. Start my own charity. 
65. Officially meet Anna Wintour. 
66. Go one month without shopping. 
67. Donate blood again (September 2014).
68. Learn how to ride a bike. 
69. Actually start driving (August 2016). 
70. Make a real Arabic meal all by myself.
71. Have my apartment/office space professionally photographed. 
72. Have a "real" Christmas tree.
73. Read a bible verse a night for a month.
74. Make my bed every morning for a month.
75. Buy fresh flowers once a week for a month.
76. Drink nothing but water for an entire month.
77. Work out 4-5 times a week for an entire month.
78. Read at least one non-school book a month (1/33).
79. Sing "Sweet Caroline" at a Red Sox game at Fenway Park during the 8th Inning.
80. Send 50 handwritten notes. 
81. Rock red lipstick (August 2014).
82. Grow my nails out. (2016!
83. Pay for a stranger's order at a restaurant (December 2014).
84. Organize all my mother's old recipes into a bounded book.
85. Surprise my parents and fly home (November 2014, and they cried).
86. Create 5 things that I pinned on Pinterest.
87. Actually find the correct shade of makeup and buy it all (October 2014, God bless NARS). 
88. Reach my goal weight. 
89. Attend an Elie Saab, Reem Acra or Georges Chakra fashion show. 
90. Win an amazing contest. 
91. Learn to say "thank you" in 20 different languages. (7/20 - English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hawaiian, Italian)
92. Plant a tree.
93. Send a message in a bottle.
94. Watch the sun rise after a late night out. 
95. See a shooting star. 
96. Go out alone and make new friends (August 2014). 
97. Calm, control and end my anxiety. 
98. Send a postcard to PostSecret.
99. Have a "pinch me" moment. 

THIS LIST: (1/2)

100. Save $10 for every item completed on the list. (10/1,010)
101. Inspire someone else to write this list too. (August 2014)

TOTAL COUNT: (27/101)

So what about you? Are you going to do a list too? If so, send me your link! 

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August 04, 2014

[Destination: College] The Do's and Don'ts of Freshman Year Roommates

This may seem out of the blue, because I guess it is to you because I totally forgot to share the exciting news, but I've teamed up with two fantastic bloggers - Gina and Jessica - to bring a blog hop for the month of August that we've affectionately called "Destination: College". Every Monday throughout the month of August, we'll be sharing our tips, tricks and secrets to surviving college - everything from classes to books to roommates, to social life and more! So stay tuned for more throughout the month of August, and hop right into my first post!

Roommates can make or break your experience in college. Freshman year, I lived in a quad (yes, four girls in one room..), and I remember being terrified cause girls can suck sometimes, and OMG four what if I hate them, but I got incredibly lucky! My three roommates were sent from heaven (and we always joked that we found each other on - we were perfect for each other!) and they're still some of my best friends til today! Sophomore year, I lived with my friends in an apartment-styled suite, but at the last minute, a friend ended up transferring schools leaving an open space in my suite, and a random roommate was placed within the first month of the school year - leaving me with a new (and quite frankly, unwanted roommate).

At first, it worked out, but as the time went on, I grew tired of her erratic behavior, and it became an unhealthy place for me to live - with me spending a lot of my time hiding out in friends' rooms or in the library.. bad for my health, great for my GPA! Nearing the end of the second semester, I moved into an opening in another room in my suite because I knew I needed to do what was best for me.. (plus, does anyone remember when she poured water and ruined my expensive laptop?!) So, my freshman year was a fantastic one in terms of roommates, and sophomore year was a more trying time.. but there were lessons learnt at the end of the day.

But now that I'm a Resident Assistant at QU, I'm excited to help my freshmen move in, get to know their roommates, and hopefully have an experience more like my freshman year roommates, and not at all like my sophomore year roommate, so I began thinking of things I could share to help them through this time.

Quinnipiac freshmen found out their room assignments and roommates on Friday night, and I remember this time two years ago when I found the three names that I'd be living with in Commons 117, and stalked the crap out of them! (Funny story: I couldn't find my roommate Maggie on FB, thought she was weird because she had a very colonial name and she told me she didn't have a cell phone, and I worried that we would never get along.. that couldn't be even more opposite from the truth, and as it turns out, her cell phone drowned in a drunken mishap - and I knew we'd be perfect ever since!) 

So I'm sharing some "Do"s and "Don't"s of having freshman year roommates, and hopefully this can help your experiences be like Commons 117 - crazy, fun, and always a good time..

Before You Move In:
// DO reach out to your roommate/s - you'll be living with them for the next nine months, so reach out to them via email, and maybe through phone calls, texts, or Facebook messages.. get to know a little bit about them before move in day! 
// DON'T Facebook stalk them - seriously.. don't judge a book by its' cover.. plus, imagine how your profile must look to someone FB stalking you! That one always shuts me up.. I have my weird side too, and I don't want someone judging me based on that super awkward photo from 2010 that really shouldn't still be online! 
// DO discuss who's bringing what - no dorm room has space for two futons, two mini fridges and three different carpets.. discuss before-hand who's bringing what, and share the wealth. You have a TV at home you can take? Great, let her pick up a futon for the room! This is just the beginning (and the most exciting part!) 
// DON'T expect them to be your best friend just because you're roommates - this may be one of the best pieces of advice I could give you: you don't have to be friends with your roommate, you just have to be able to tolerate them. My freshman year roommates and I all had a separate group of friends, but we called each other our family, because at the end of the day, we come home to each other and love each other like family.. I got lucky! But don't expect to be BFF's with your roommate, because if it doesn't happen that way, you're setting yourself up for disappointment! 

When You Move In: 

// DO wait for your roommate before you begin rearranging the room - I know this is tempting, especially with mothers.. but I suggest waiting for your roommate before changing the room layout. The fun part is figuring it out with your roommate, and trust me you'll rearrange at least once or twice throughout the year. 
// DON'T judge your roommate based on your first impression of them - the first few weeks of college are always very overwhelming, and your roommate may not have come out of their shell as yet. Don't write them off as "quiet" or "lame" because they haven't gone wild or done anything outrageous in the first week of school - who knows, they may turn out to be as fun as you! 
// DO sit down, discuss things, set boundaries and create a roommate contract - I know many RA's do this with their residents within the first few weeks, and I think it's incredibly important. Asking questions like "how do you feel about guests", "what time should the lights be off by" and "do you mind if we share certain items" make living in the room throughout the year so much easier. Plus, if anyone ever breaks the contract, you can remind them you both made a decision about it, and to keep it in mind in the future. 
// DON'T be afraid to be yourself - I know that it's hard, and we're always trying to make a good impression, but be yourself around your roommate - it's crucial, especially because you'll be with them for a full year! Let them get to know and love the real you, and your friendship will grow even stronger! 

Throughout The Year: 
// DO try to be respectful of your roommate - if you have early classes, don't turn on the lights too early.. if you're a night owl, don't be loud if they're asleep.. if they're studying or doing homework, don't blast your iTunes. Be respectful and show that you care about them as a roommate, and they'll do the same for you. 
// DON'T assume anything - always ask to borrow or use something of theirs, or if you'll be doing anything that affects the room like having a group project over, or a SO spending the night.. ask permission before you assume that it's okay, even if they're the chillest roommates ever, just asking shows that you respect their decision and their space. 
// DO discuss something if it bothers you - maybe they drank your last water bottle, or brought someone home without letting you know.. tell your roommates! If something bothers you, don't just ignore it because they won't know you aren't okay with it unless you say something, and chances are they'll do it again. Having an open and honest relationship with them, and allowing each other to say when something bothers you will make it an easy year. 
// DON'T sweat the small stuff - Not every little detail has to be a big issue. Pick your battles. So she does that really annoying thing where she brushes her hair in front your mirror? Okay, what good will telling her something do?! Choose wisely. A rule of thumb would be the 24 hour rule that my RA taught me freshman year - if something bothers you, you have 24 hours to say something - once the 24 hours are up, drop it.. that way you can clear the air as soon as something happens, and you can move on from the situation. 

I know room situations can be very scary - trust me, I know - I've had the best and worst of them. But, a good roommate can be a great friend - not just for four years, but for life. Even if your roommate and you aren't best friends, that's fine! Just being able to live with them is more than enough.. college is about finding yourself, and discovering a new part of you! Good luck, and have fun! And stop Facebook stalking your roommate! 

Link Up Your College Life Blog Posts!

Welcome to Destination: College - A Blog Hop! Join Caro from The Caro Diaries, Jessica from Seeking Individuality and Gina from Gina Alyse as we talk about everything college this month! Link up your college posts (past or present) and find different perspectives about college life through this blog hop. Join us every Monday throughout August to see what tips, advice and real life stories bloggers have to share! 

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4. Use the hashtag, #CollegeBlogHop to share the linkup or grab a button below to use on your blog! 
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August 01, 2014

Summer in Style

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed, however, are my own and that of The Caro Diaries. 

I love the idea of summer comfort. Back home, I spend a lot of my days in bathing suits and coverups, or lounging around by the sea. We have this lovely little getaway called down the islands - which are three islands off the coast of Trinidad, and we all head out there for a day or night, or weekend, and it's so relaxing - just being in the water, or laying out on a hammock under coconut trees. 

Being in New York this summer is making me miss home, and the relaxation and lounging that goes with it. Even on my days off in NYC, I can't head to a beach or a pool to cool off - it's not like home. But my lounge style still remains - at least when I'm hanging out with my friends. 

Tommy Bahama, as I've recently discovered, has the cutest lounge wear. Even their dresses and real clothes have that feeling like I'm on a beach, or I'm headed to one soon - and I love that, especially being so far from home. 

National Relaxation Day is on August 15th, and no I didn't know that was a thing either.. but I'm totally glad it is, because Tommy Bahama stores are celebrating in a big way! They want to make sure you relax, by doing a huge "Summer of Go" sweepstakes, with big giveaways every week from now until August 18th, and a grand prize running from August 15th to 18th, where you can win a trip for 4! 

Every week you can win: air transportation for 2 to anywhere Alaska Airlines flies, a 3-night stay at select Fairmont Hotels and Resorts locations, a $500 Tommy Bahama gift card to treat yourself to a new wardrobe, the "Summer of Go" travel pack, and $50 Uber credit. 

The grand prize consists of: air transportation for 4 to anywhere Alaska Airlines flies, a 7-night stay for 4 at the Fairmont Orchid Hawaii, a $1000 Tommy Bahama gift card, dinner at the Tommy Bahama restaurant on Mauna Lani, $200 Uber credit and the "Summer of Go" travel pack. 

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