August 07, 2014

101 in 1001

A few weeks ago, I grabbed coffee with one of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie from Design Darling. We talked about everything from life in NYC, to fashion, to blogging, and even college and sorority life (she was an AXO too!). In the last few minutes, and as we finished up our conversation, we chatted about my New York bucket list and how it was coming along - and she encouraged me to create a bigger one.

I've created bucket lists for as long as I can remember. I have two files on my computer that have transferred from the desktop computer at home, to my first laptop in high school, to my college laptop two years ago, and then to my new laptop a few months back after the incident. One is my bucket list, and the other is my travel bucket list. Yes, that's clearly how Type-A I am, but I've accepted it. Every few months I open my bucket list and cross off what I've accomplished, and add more to the list, so after Mackenzie suggested I create my own version of her 101 in 1001 list, I knew I had to do it.

1001 days is approximately 2.75 years - and it's way too far in advance for me to think about, but I'm willing to bite the bullet and start thinking about April 2017. Crazy! I created my list last week and meant to post it on August 1st but things came up, so it still counts and I still am going from that start date. You ready?! 

STARTS August 1st, 2014
ENDS April 28th, 2017


1. Graduate from Quinnipiac with my Bachelor's in Print Journalism (May 2016).
2. Get a 4.0 one semester. 
3. Get a little in my sorority (October 2014 and March 2015). 
4. Hold an executive board position in my sorority. 
5. Get a job after graduation (August 2016).
6. Create my dream room or apartment. 
7. Find my favorite professor at Quinnipiac (December 2015).


8. Attend New York Fashion Week (October 2015). 
9. Design a collection or product for a company. 
10. Speak at a conference or panel discussion. 
11. Write a book. 
12. Walk a red carpet (and not while I'm working it). 
13. Travel for The Caro Diaries. 
14. Become an editor of a publication. 
15. Learn how to really use Photoshop (Fall 2015, Digital Design class).
16. Cross 1,000 Bloglovin' followers. 
17. Create a media kit (October 2015, God Bless Alicia!).
18. Be featured in an online or print magazine. 
19. Unsubscribe and clean out all the junk in my inboxes.
20. Attend a blogging conference. 
21. Be featured on a college website like USA Today College or Huffington Post College. 
22. Write for a major publication. 
23. Work with my dream brand on The Caro Diaries.

TRAVEL: (5/14)

24. Go to Disney World. 
25. Go to Europe.
26. Go on a real Spring Break (March 2016). 
27. Visit my brother in Miami (November 2014). 
28. Do a NYC weekend with my brother - he's the only one I haven't done NYC with as yet. 
29. Take a girls' trip - just my mom and sisters (March 2016). 
30. Travel with my best friends (August 2016).
31. Be in two places at once - cliché (March 2015). 
32. Experience Times Square on New Years' Eve. 
33. Go to a music festival.
34. Tailgate and attend a country concert. 
35. See the Eiffel Tower at night. 
36. Visit Santorini.
37. Visit Dubai. 

JUST FOR FUN: (5/24)

38. Buy myself a pair of Louboutins. 
39. Fly home for Trinidad Carnival.
40. Be a maid of honor (asked December 2014/June 2015, wedding April 2016). 
41. Run a 5K. 
42. Get fantastic seats to a dream concert.
43. Learn a song on the piano.
44. Go zip lining.
45. Go skydiving.
46. Go bowling. (May 2016).
47. Sing karaoke with my friends. 
48. Go on a real picnic. 
49. Dance in a flashmob.
50. Really learn to ski (March 2015).
51. Throw a themed party. 
52. Crash a wedding.
53. Attend a live taping of a television show (Jimmy Fallon, October 2014). 
54. Crowd-surf. 
55. Sleep under the stars.
56. Pop champagne off the top of a building/on a rooftop. 
57. Fly in a hot-air balloon. 
58. Scream at the top of my lungs off a rooftop. 
59. Go ice-skating at Rockefeller Center (and actually skate) (October 2014).
60. Run a half marathon. 
61. Drive in a convertible with the top down.

PERSONAL: (9/38)

62. Live in New York City for a summer (Summer 2014).
63. Design my own section for a popular Trinidad Carnival band. 
64. Start my own charity. 
65. Officially meet Anna Wintour. 
66. Go one month without shopping. 
67. Donate blood again (September 2014).
68. Learn how to ride a bike. 
69. Actually start driving (August 2016). 
70. Make a real Arabic meal all by myself.
71. Have my apartment/office space professionally photographed. 
72. Have a "real" Christmas tree.
73. Read a bible verse a night for a month.
74. Make my bed every morning for a month.
75. Buy fresh flowers once a week for a month.
76. Drink nothing but water for an entire month.
77. Work out 4-5 times a week for an entire month.
78. Read at least one non-school book a month (1/33).
79. Sing "Sweet Caroline" at a Red Sox game at Fenway Park during the 8th Inning.
80. Send 50 handwritten notes. 
81. Rock red lipstick (August 2014).
82. Grow my nails out. (2016!
83. Pay for a stranger's order at a restaurant (December 2014).
84. Organize all my mother's old recipes into a bounded book.
85. Surprise my parents and fly home (November 2014, and they cried).
86. Create 5 things that I pinned on Pinterest.
87. Actually find the correct shade of makeup and buy it all (October 2014, God bless NARS). 
88. Reach my goal weight. 
89. Attend an Elie Saab, Reem Acra or Georges Chakra fashion show. 
90. Win an amazing contest. 
91. Learn to say "thank you" in 20 different languages. (7/20 - English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Hawaiian, Italian)
92. Plant a tree.
93. Send a message in a bottle.
94. Watch the sun rise after a late night out. 
95. See a shooting star. 
96. Go out alone and make new friends (August 2014). 
97. Calm, control and end my anxiety. 
98. Send a postcard to PostSecret.
99. Have a "pinch me" moment. 

THIS LIST: (1/2)

100. Save $10 for every item completed on the list. (10/1,010)
101. Inspire someone else to write this list too. (August 2014)

TOTAL COUNT: (27/101)

So what about you? Are you going to do a list too? If so, send me your link! 

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  1. Wow! That is a huge list! You can do it!!

  2. Sweety, you've encouraged me to create my own. All the best in life.

  3. I love my list- I created it in like October and I think about it all the time! I can help you learn to say thank you in Russian. The word is спасибо in cyrillic (the alphabet used in Russian), and it is pronounced like spu-see-bu (emphasize the ee in the middle). :) Try plugging it in to google translate to hear exactly how to say it. Good luck!

  4. I've been meaning to start my 101 in 1001 list but always keep putting it off! I think you've inspired me to really think about and get moving! I love all your goals, Caro. Go you!!!


  5. This sounds like a great idea! May have to borrow!

  6. I've seen a lot of these type of challenges... I can't even think of 101 things I need to accomplish! Good luck

  7. Ok, where do you want to go for the girls trip. And I will finally stop the car so that you can straddle the NH/VT line on the bridge next time you visit.

  8. I also have a long list of stuff I want to do, I say just go for it!

  9. Love lists like these! So many exciting things to accomplish! Good luck :)



  10. Wow, I am so inspired by you! You are a girl with big, beautiful dreams but a larger passion and drive to go out and accomplish them! You have such a bright future :) Some of this things I've done already and can say that they are amazing (like Santorini, definitely go there!) and some are on my bucket list as well! I can't wait to see how you complete this list and what dreams come true for you! Have an awesome weekend, my friend!

  11. I totally want to start one of these! I love the goals you put on here; they're so unique and adventurous!! I can't wait to make my own! :)

  12. I have been hearing about this 101 in 1001 a lot lately. I definitely would love to create a list like this!

  13. I love this!

    You have great goals; some I would like to do and some I never even thought of. Good luck with completing them! (I would also love to meet Anna Wintour).

    AND you inspired me to create one.

  14. I totally need to do a list like this! I think I might do one and post about it in a few weeks :)

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