February 20, 2015

Friday Five

After giving it some thought, I've decided to bring back 'Friday Five', but now it'll be a mix of things I'm really enjoying, as well as things going on in my life.

(Taken a few weeks ago. Nothing says the weekend quite like this.. Cheers!) 

1. I'm taking a second little in my sorority this semester, and I'm all about affordable crafting. Have any ideas for me? 

2. I spent most of this week upset that I was missing Trinidad Carnival (the bigger, better version of Rio's carnivale!), and the depression really hit once I saw what I missed

3. I've given up online shopping for Lent, and I've clearly been having some trouble already. Just me? 

4. I spent a few days in NYC last week representing my university (and the US!) at the United Nations' Youth Assembly. What a fantastic time!

5. Reflecting on one of my favorite Disney classics, I realized Cinderella isn't about finding her true love, it's about a woman who really just wanted her shoe back. I'd say her priorities are straight.  

Happy weekend! Hopefully yours is filled with lots of 'cheers'. 

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