February 27, 2015

Prom Night: The Guide to Your Best Prom Yet!

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Back home in Trinidad, we didn’t have a “prom” like you do in the United States. The school system is a little different, and instead had our graduation balls – after our Form Five O-Level exams, and our Form Six A-Level exams. These balls were the equivalent to prom, where we got dressed up, took dates and danced all night.

What I've come to realize is just how big of a deal prom is in the U.S.. I read about it in magazines and watched TV shows and movies that made it out to be this huge night, and as it turns out, it was. Prom is a huge deal, especially for high school seniors, and although I never experienced an American prom, I’ll get a taste of the whole experience when I go to my sorority formal in March – with the excitement of hair, makeup, dresses and choosing a date!

So I figured that since every girl dreams of the perfect prom, I’d help out by answering some questions.

Q: How should I do my hair?
A: First, decide if you’re going to get your hair professionally done, or if you’ll be doing it yourself. I know myself, and I have little to no skills in the beautification department. But many people are pros at doing their own hair, and have skills that I could only dream of. If you’re like me and aren’t as #blessed in the beauty department, but don’t want to shell out major money for a salon appointment, see if any friends or neighbors are better in that area. Most times, I would ask a cousin or a friend who is better than I am, and I’d always pay them a little ‘thank you’.

For my Form Five grad, I knew I wanted to have my hair professionally done and in an updo. So where do you even start? Google. I knew I wanted an updo, and I knew I wanted it to be a little softer, so I Googled celebs whose hair I loved on the red carpets to get some ideas. I try to go to the salon with at least three or four photos for them to go off of. The more specific you are, the less room there is for disappointment!

Q: What makeup look should I go for?
A: If it’s something I’ve learnt from all of the formal events I’ve been to over the years: less is more. I tend to go pretty natural, but it’s your big night! Browse magazines, go on Pinterest and search the web for looks you want to try out! The great thing about it is that you can choose just what you want! Not so great at makeup? Ask a friend, family member or neighbor if they’ll do it for you. Want to splurge a little? Find a makeup artist who can perfect your look!

Q: Now what about my date?
A: The date for me was the most nerve-wracking part! I went to an all girls’ school, and all of my friends were bringing their boyfriends or really good guy friends, and I wanted to follow suite with someone I knew I’d be comfortable around and have a good time. I didn’t go all crazy with a “promposal”, and I just asked him plain and simple. But if you’re looking for something fun to do, I recommend Pinterest. Think of your relationship with the person! Whatever you do, regardless of how you ask them, make sure you’ll be 100% comfortable rocking out on the dance floor next to this person! And surround yourself with your friends, because when all else fails, they’ll be right by your side and taking some awesome pics to Insta! #nofilter.

Q: Now what do I wear?!
A: The dress! How could I forget the dress… (I didn’t forget the dress!). The dress is easily the most important part of the night. You get to decide how formal or casual you wanna go. My biggest piece of advice is stick to your personal style. It’s totally fun to try something different, but whatever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable in it to rock the outfit all night!

One huuuuge misconception is that you need to shell out the big bucks for a dress for prom. That is NOT true! That’s where David’s Bridal comes in with their David’s Prom Collection. I, like you, had no idea that David’s Bridal sold anything other than wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses, but they actually have a killer prom dress collection and there’s something for every price point. David's Bridal invited me to their store in New York City to see their dresses up-close and personal, and they're beautiful! They have styles for every type of personality, body shape and budget, and all of your favorite dresses range from size 2 to size 24W, starting at just $99!

What style should you go for? Well it depends…

Are you the trendsetter? Do you thrive on pulling off something different, something you know no one else will go for? Love turning heads wherever you go? Then go for something different - maybe a two-piece number, an illusion gown, some nude lace or an eye-catching cutout.

Are you the sweetheart? Love delicate gowns, soft updos and subtle hues? Do you opt for blush gowns and intricate detailing? Then check out these picks: anything from a pearl neckline, to a jeweled strapless gown, to an open-back tulle dress in beautiful pastels.

Are you the glamour girl? If you watch the red carpets of award shows lusting after that killer gown you saw on Beyoncé or your girl Tswift, then this one's for you. Start with a killer shimmering gown, an open-back beaded number or some bold accessories to top it all off.

Are you the belle? You'll be the princess, with or without a prince by your side, and you're letting it show! Sounds like you? Then look at some gorgeous tulle gowns, dresses with embellished detailing, and intricate bodices.

None of these sound like you? There are hundreds of other options and over 300 stores nationwide for you to see them all in person too!

Happy dress shopping, and happy almost-prom season!

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  1. Fun post! Prom can be such a fun event in your life. These are some great tips to make the experience even better.

  2. I thought I posted here a lengthy comment but I don't see that it is posted. In any case I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your Prom tips! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ah, prom is also huge here in the Philippines. Those who cannot afford hair and makeup and the dress for the ball can have the makeup done at home and the dress can be rented from a shop instead of buying a new one. For girls who have not experienced going out on a date, the prom will most especially be nerve-wracking! It's a fun night and a chance to be glamorous!

  4. I never went to a prom but I do know if I did my look would be more simple yet elegant. I love that David's Bridal can cater to even a simplistic dress preference. Plus they're able to cater to suit the price budget of every customer.

  5. These are some great tips for prom night! I love the simple yet elegant look! I wish the internet was big when I was going to prom! So many helpful things nowadays. Wow, that made me sound old!

  6. I LOVED my proms in high school and my sorority formats in college!! It's always fun to get dressed up and have fun with your friends!!

  7. These tips are coming about 5 years too late for me :P

    But I could see them being super useful for young girls or moms nowadays! I had so much fun at my prom, although I remember more from getting ready/before than actually during!

  8. Goodness I wish I went to prom! How much fun picking out the dress and all accessories! I miss that, and hope I can help my two girls with this stuff. So amazing and fun! Really great tips! Heard such great things about David's!

  9. I can't believe prom season is almost here! I don't have teens but this prom guide is perfect! I really like the belle look, I think that style will be a prom hit this year.

  10. Great guide for those who will be having their prom. I will be needing this information when my kids start to go to prom. It's great to know this first hand though, so thank you for sharing this!

  11. It will be good to also see which boutique shops offer discounts at their prom dresses and accessories. I've already visited some shops last weekend and found fabulous designs!

  12. What a fun post! When I taught high school, prom wasn't popular and I was so surprised because it was HUGE when I was growing up. Sometimes the promposals I hear about are a little extreme, but I love how kids are being so creative and fun. Great tips--especially about the hair. I always booked my hair dresser early--I'm a plain old ponytail girl!


  13. This is a great post. I am way past prom age and I have quite a while before I need to think about prom for my daughter.

  14. You're right! There really are great affordable options that are every bit as pretty as anything else. David's Bridal has a great selection!

  15. Great post! My fave look is a bohemian but sexy dress paired with natural makeup, smoky eyes, and loose hair!

  16. I never went to prom in high school, it was always lame, so I didn't waste my time. Now we had something better than prom, it was called the Performing Arts Awards. It was for everyone in the Fine Arts, between, Band, Marching Band, Chorus, & Drama. It was a blast and more money went into that. There was the award show and then the after party was amazing! I had more fun at those! Good times! great tips!

  17. My daughter just attended her first prom earlier this month.Preparing for her prom was quite hard and it really strains the budget. But thankfully we survived.

    As for your post, I am keeping this is mind. I need to prepare more for next year to avoid all the mishaps we encountered this year. Thank you so much!!

  18. What a fun post! Prom Season is definitely upon us - I know that prom in our school district is May 8! Only a little over a month to go! This post is super helpful and a great resource for prom-goers and their parents alike. Nice job!

  19. I find it unbelievable how much money parents/students spend on prom. I feel bad for the families that can't afford it.

  20. This is a good post. Prom is fun, I have all boys though so hopefully I wont have to spend much on prom.

  21. Prom is really big here in the Philippines but it was so sad that I wasn't able to attend my own prom. I make sure to follow these tips when it's my daughter's turn to attend hers.

  22. Great suggestions, in the UK prom is booming but i do not think it is as big as the states. I did not go to either of my prom and though I kinda regret it now I really did not want the fuss then.

  23. Such great tips! My prom days are long gone, and I'm amazed at how much people spend on a dress or on elaborate promposals! I went with a big group of girlfriends each year and had the best time :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  24. Prom was one of my favorite parts of high school! Honestly though I think the best part was getting ready for prom and dress shopping- almost more fun then the real event!

    xoxo A

  25. I wish I had this when I was in high school and getting ready for prom. I love the inspiration boards!


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