March 19, 2015

Wedding Season

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Wedding Paper Divas. I received a product and promotional item to thank me for participating.

So a little-known fact is that over Christmas break, my sister's boyfriend proposed. He got down on one knee in the most romantic way and showcased all their years of friendship and love by asking her to marry him, and of course she said yes. It only took like 3.5 minutes until I got the screaming phone call announcing it, and of course asking me to be the Maid of Honor.. how could I say no?! (especially because now I get to check that off my 101 in 1001 list!)

We planned her engagement party for a few months away so I could arrange to fly home from school for it, and I tried my best to be supportive in any way that I could, even when I was thousands of miles away. We went through dress ideas, guest lists and of course, invitations.

When I discovered Wedding Paper Divas, I knew it was the perfect company to find her engagement party invitations. There were beautiful designs, high-quality paper and the best graphic designers available to customize it as much as you'd like, so it was a win/win.

What I loved about Wedding Paper Divas was that you could actually order samples - something that we did separately so that we could each see the collections before making a joint decision. It's hard work being the MOH when you're thousands of miles away, I'm telling ya..

It was simple too.. you have two options: you can either choose your own samples, by clicking the invitations you're interested in (up to 8 for free!), and clicking the "order sample" button on the page, and entering the code FREETRY at checkout to get 8 free sample invites, or you can just order the generic sample kit, where you get to see all the steps in the customization process, including paper samples and invitation and envelope samples for you to see and feel.

We chose the Wedding Paper Divas' sample package, and I'm so glad we did. Not only did we see different fonts, colors and styles, but it made a complete difference seeing and feeling the text and the paper, and seeing what other customizations we could do.

Plus, the sample kit came with a discount code for us, and one for a friend, so we could share the wealth.. because aren't all brides friends with at least one other bride?!

I cannot stress how glad Steph and I both were with the sample kit, because honestly you can't see the quality of an invitation online, and we were pleasantly surprised with the detailing and designs in person.

I'll probably do another post soon showing you which invitations we decided on, and we're definitely ordering more from them soon - maybe thank you cards, shower invites or even wedding invitations. They can do almost everything, even some gorgeous personalized stationery I may or may not be going back to order for myself.

Wedding Paper Divas made the engagement planning a lot less stressful than it would have been, so thank goodness for that!

Have you ever planned an engagement party or wedding? What's the most stressful part? 

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  1. Congrats!! To you and your sister. It's so exciting and fun, right?

  2. At my wedding, all the guests (literally, all) told me how the food surpassed all expectations, since wedding food generally sucks. The brisket was mind-blowing. My husband also had some custom choices for food that the chef at San Diego Wedding venues easily made and incorporated.

  3. My friend Wedding reception is held in the main hall. The place was gorgeous and perfect for a wedding.

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