March 27, 2015

What's in my Travel Bag?

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As you may know by now, I went home to Trinidad for my sister's engagement party last weekend, and funnily enough, I hate flying. I don't hate being on planes or the actual feeling of flying, I just hate the entire process. The TSA checks, taking off your shoes, taking your electronics out. It's all a huge pain in the butt. 

But, being a six-hour plane ride away from home, I'm used to it by now, and I figured I would share what I throw in my travel bag every time. 

Now, usually I carry a huge tote bag with everything one could possibly need to travel with - including three books, five magazines and a kindle, iPad and laptop. But it gets heavy and quite frankly, tiring, lugging that huge thing across the airport and back, so this trip, I decided to downsize. I had this super cute cross-body bag that my aunt bought me a few years ago, and it's big enough to hold my wallet, passport case and everything else I need without weighing me down.

a good book // this should go without saying, but i get bored pretty easily on a five hour flight, and a good book keeps me entertained. most times i use my kindle, but if i pick up a paper copy of a book I like, I'm hooked! I recently read Jennifer Niven's All The Bright Places and let me tell you I was judged hardcore for sobbing on the plane but I didn't even care.. so good! 

headphones // even though my phone's on airplane mode, I have Spotify premium so I can listen to my music whenever wherever, and that doesn't stop 30,000 feet up in the air! plus, whenever my ears pop, I get incredibly cranky and I find it extremely painful, so for the last six years or so, I've kept my headphones in when taking off and landing and it helps me ten-fold.. just don't tell the flight attendants! 

passport // well this one should go without saying, because.. duh.. #internationalproblems
oh, and my passport case is from Tieks, in case you were wondering..

sunglasses // I don't go anywhere without a pair of sunglasses, because bright sun and early morning flights and me just don't mix well.. I'm loving this Tom Ford pair that I got this Christmas. 

hand sanitizer // this one also goes without saying, but it gets gross out there. so many germs, so little time.. I don't travel without a Purell in my purse at all times. 

gum or mints // I tend to fall asleep on my flights, and the last thing I want is to wake up next to whoever is sitting next to me with morning breath. Gum is your best friend! 

emergency supplies // okay, so I don't go anywhere without this little pouch. It's my best friend. You never know when you, or someone around you, will need a tampon. I'm a firm believer that you can never be unprepared for that time of the month, and thank goodness for Playtex® Sport®

So I 100% believe that your period should not hold you back at all.. I am #blessed with the worst cramps a girl could ask for, and I spend most of my period throwing up in pain, but when I'm actually upright, I'm able to still do my daily routine, including going to the gym or going for a run.

The new Playtex® Sport® combo packs come with both pads and tampons for double protection, because you can never be too careful.. and they have this cool feature called Flexfit™ that twists and turns with your body (so no leakage while you remain active), as well as Qwik-Dry™ because no one wants to feel their period anymore than they have to, and Odor Shield™ which is probably the greatest invention of life, because when you're on a six hour flight with a stranger next to you, you don't want any kind of odor coming from that direction.

I usually use Playtex Sport every month, but especially when I'm active, and that includes traveling. Don't try and tell me you've never ran across an airport late for a flight, changed seating positions 100 times trying to get comfortable and slept with your legs practically in the air because you're on a cramped airplane. No? Just me?

I actually discovered this when I was browsing the Walmart cosmetics section because there's nothing I love more than drugstore makeup, and I was in the market for some new feminine products because you know, it comes around once a month, so yeah.. I picked these babies up, and I'm loving that it's a two-in-one deal with both tampons and pads or liners, depending on what you choose.. because you can never be careful enough.

So go down to your Walmart's cosmetics section, and these will be on an end-cap throughout the month, and after that available in the feminine hygiene aisle. I'm not kidding when I'm 100% recommending these to you, coming from the girl with the worst period experience every month, they made this month a lot easier! 

NEW! Playtex® Sport® now available in Pads, Liners and Combo Packs at Walmart! Now Sport Level Protection™ pads, liners and combo packs with Flexfit™ design to twist and turn with your body. Don't let your period get in the way. PlayOn! 

What's in your travel bag? Do you carry a "cosmetics" case like I do everywhere?

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  1. This is a great list of what I will need in my bag next time I travel. And those combo packs, pure genius! #client


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