April 16, 2015

Wedding Suite

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Wedding Paper Divas. 
I received a product and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

And no, I'm not talking about the hotel room. 

As you know, I'm the Maid of Honor for my darling sister's wedding. Or, as she calls me.. Maid of Horror. (I'm just not cut out for this, y'all..) The hardest part has to be not being in Trinidad with her and trying to plan everything. I'm a visual person and like to see what I'm working with, so discussing ordering invitations and not being able to see what she's doing or looking at was difficult. 

Luckily, when we were ordering invitations for her engagement party, we were using Wedding Paper Divas. If you haven't read my post about ordering samples for invitations, I suggest you do it now. WPD made it so ridiculously easy for me to follow along on whatever idea she was going with, because we managed to each order our own set of samples - so we saw the same samples in person and could mutually decide on what we liked, instead of me going crazy trying to visualize the paper and material and text and feel and quality. 

We ordered the most beautiful engagement invitations (we ordered these), had a perfect engagement party where I got to see the love of her life put a perfect ring on her finger (I'm Lebanese, and our tradition is to wait until the engagement party and the ring is blessed before you can put the ring on your finger) and danced all night. It was practically a wedding. Except it wasn't.

The day after the engagement, Steph and I decided we didn't want to wait, and wanted to order thank you cards right away. And where better to look than Wedding Paper Divas? That's where the wedding suite comes in.

Wedding Paper Divas literally has everything you need for your wedding, engagement party, or anything. Whether it's save the dates, invitations, bridal shower invites, thank you cards or all of the above in one big package, they have you covered. And the quality is like none other. I'm telling you it impressed my mother, and she's the pickiest person I know.

We chose the most beautiful thank you cards, completely customized in the colors and fonts that she wanted, including her and her fianc├ęs name.

I can't imagine this process going as smoothly without Wedding Paper Divas and their awesome customer support. I can't tell you how many times we each called the company asking the same (dumb) questions, yet they answered, encouraged and helped through every step.

Wedding stationery doesn't start or end at the invitations: there's a lot more that goes into it, and Wedding Paper Divas helps customers through the whole thing.

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April 15, 2015

Calling All Millennial Bloggers..

As a life and style blogger, I'm a part of a ton of social media groups to connect with other bloggers, promote my posts and social media channels, find partnership opportunities and find new blogs to read myself.

But more often than not, most of these groups are populated with mom bloggers and older bloggers, who don't really share my niche. The great thing about being a lifestyle blogger is that you don't really have a niche. I blog about college, I blog about fashion, I blog about shopping, I blog about New York, I blog about my sorority, I blog about my sister's wedding. Anything I'd really like. What I don't blog about, however, are my non-existent kids.

So when I share my latest blog posts, photos and social media channels in these groups, I do meet a ton of other bloggers. But more often that not, they have nothing in common with me, and I discover blogs with tales of stories of their kids, recipes for cooking for their family, or sharing photos of a family vacation. And while I do appreciate and enjoy mom and family blogging, I'm just not there in my life right now (obvs, god bless).

So one of my favorite bloggers, Annaliese from Southern Belle in Training, and I got to talking about how we wished there was a place for millennial bloggers to share our posts, connect and get to know each other, and the idea of the Millennial Blogger Network was formed. Strictly millennial bloggers - in their teens and twenties, who love blogging about lifestyle, college, DIY, fashion, beauty, and anything really.

And it's fantastic: it's introduced me to some fantastic bloggers, including Dana of Seersucker Sass who we asked to join us as an admin! In just a short week or so, we've grown to around 70 members and we continue to grow every day. If you're a millennial or college or lifestyle blogger and you're interested in joining, search Millennial Blogger Network on facebook and request to join, one of the admins will accept you as soon as we get to it.

It's such a great way to get to know other bloggers, find new collaborations and promote your own blog, and in the past week or so, I've met more bloggers than I could even imagine. I encourage any of you who are interested in joining to look for the group on facebook and request to join!

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