June 03, 2015

How To Solve Being A No-Reply Blogger

If you're reading this, there's a really great chance you're a no-reply blogger. I know, I know.. what the hell am I talking about?

A no-reply blogger refers to when your email isn't associated with your profile. So what?! Let me give you an example: you comment on someone's blog (like hey, mine!), and the blogger (aka me) goes to respond to your comment, because a) I want to interact with you and mostly b) because it's just damn rude to ignore it after you take your time to read and comment on my post.

BUT, if you're a no-reply blogger, it doesn't allow me to respond to your comment via email because your address isn't listed. So instead of responding to Jane Doe's comment and emailing her back personally at janedoe@gmail.com, when I hit reply it instead sends to this email address: noreply-comment@blogger.com, which just sucks for us all because you know I'm too lazy to actually respond on the blog post itself and then it looks like I'm ignoring you and no one wants to be ignored, right?

It's a sad truth: most bloggers are no-reply bloggers, and almost all of them don't even realize it. Even some big bloggers are no-reply, and I'm here to fix it once and for all cause I'm trying to help a sista out and it's super easy.

What's the problem? It's GOOGLE+ - the sad excuse for a social network that Google infiltrated on us, and let's be real Google+, you're never gonna be Facebook. Google, stop trying to make Google+ happen.. It's never gonna happen. 

// STEP ONE.. Are you a no-reply blogger? Let's find out! 
Click the little upside down triangle arrow thing on your blogger account, so it expands your picture and shows your email address. If you see the little orange B symbol, with the words Blogger profile next to this, then congratulations, you can stop reading because you're a comment blogger.

If you see anything other than that little orange B, then I'm sorry you're gonna need to keep your reading glasses on and learn how to fix that ish.. If you're a no-comment blogger, your screen will probably look a little more like this:

You're going to want to click on the gear/setting icons in your blogger account.. It looks a little something like this: 
Find the option that says "Revert to Blogger profile". Click that. CLICK IT. CLICK IT RIGHT NOW! Clicked it? Good! 

Switch to a limited blogger profile, aka all you really need to be a comment blogger. (You're going to want to click the orange button saying switch to a limited blogger profile..)

Set up your profile, which is basically just writing what you want your name to show up as.. As you can see, when I comment it shows up as Caro @ The Caro Diaries. Click continue to Blogger.. 

Probably the most important part of it all: when you're back on your home blogger screen, click the upside down triangle arrow thing again, and click on the words blogger profile. It'll take you to a screen where you click "Edit Profile", which is where you obviously edit your profile. 

Here, you check off this checkbox: show my email address

Don't forget to click "save profile", and that's it. You're officially a comment blogger!

Did it work? Leave a comment below and test it out! If you don't receive a response from me within 24 hours, then you may have missed a step! 

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  1. I didn't even realize there was a difference! I'm still on the fence about this, because I like my comment name being linked back to my Google+ profile! I'm going to test this for now though :)

    xx | Steph @ The Lovely Essentials & Jenssen's Designs

  2. YES! I've been going back andd forth (oops) because some people really really like Google +. I've never really figured it out, so I think I'm a comment blogger now!

  3. This is SO useful! I never realized that this was an issue! I'm not sure if Wordpress blogs have the same issue (I actually tend to filter through a fair bit of spam on my blog), but I'll be looking into this today, 100%

  4. Ah! I never thought about that! Thank you so much for sharing!!
    xo, claudia

  5. Apparently I already am one.
    Except I always forget to check the notify me button, whoops.
    handy post!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  6. This is AWESOME! Thanks for the help!


  7. Such a great post to fix such a simple yet widespread problem in the blog world!! Haha. (Now my latest problem is that even though I am a reply blogger, I have been reading comments while on my breaks at work and then forgetting to respond!! Ooops! :O )

    xoxo A

  8. This is perfect! I had to do this last year, and I wish I could have had this! I definitely am pinning this! xoxo

  9. It's so annoying when you want to respond to someone but you can't! Great little tutorial (:

  10. I never even thought about this but it makes so much sense - great post!!

    Pick Your Beau

  11. I really appreciate this post! Definitely going to share it :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  12. This is a great post, and such an important one! Thanks for sharing!


  13. I had no idea about this! Thanks for sharing! You're too smart for me. Teach me your ways!!!

    Lauren Ashley

  14. Hello, this is me. At least I know it, right? Switching has been on my to-do list, but then something else comes up and I completely forget! But I'm putting it on my list for tomorrow, I swear!

  15. Such a helpful post, especially for new bloggers! I'm so glad that I'm able to have conversations with other bloggers via comments in my email!

  16. What an awesome post for new bloggers...I have noticed it as well though, there are comments I want to reply to personally and can't because they don't have their email available :-( I will make sure mine is available...

  17. Great post, thanks!
    xx, Mikkaela

  18. Loved this post!! I'm getting ready to start updating my blog and hosting a domain so this was definitely great information and very helpful!

  19. This was very helpful. Finger's crossed it worked! Thanks so much :)

  20. Hi, Caro!!!! So glad I found this post from you!!!! I believe that I am set to no longer be a no-reply blogger, but I've got one question. In the top right hand corner where my profile photo appears it only says 'View my complete Profile'. Previously I had a little introduction about myself there which is no longer showing. Is there any way how I can add the introduction again and not only have 'View my complete Profile' there? Hope you can follow what I'm saying!! Please help!!!
    Thank you so much!!!!
    Waiting to hear from you!!!!

  21. Hi Caro! Thank you so much for this instructions. I had no idea about the no-reply blogger until another blogger told me the other day that I am a no-reply blogger. So I just followed your instruction to fix it. I did step number one and I do see the little orange B symbol, with the words Blogger profile next to this, so that means that I am a reply blogger, correct? Then why that blogger couldn't reply to me? Makes sense? Thank you so much for your help!!

  22. This was so helpful! I didn't realize I was a no reply blogger or that was a even a thing! I just changed it and hopefully it works! Thanks for the help girl!

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You CAN sit with us! Thanks for commenting! I always reply to my comments - so if you haven't gotten a reply from me, then you may be a "no reply" blogger. Want to fix this?! Good news! Now you can!