November 18, 2015

Thanksgiving with Teleflora

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Despite the fact that I'm not American, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I mean, QU gives us a full week off of school, so the fact that as of tonight, I'm on my Thanksgiving break (thank God for the perfect Senior schedule!), is always a reason to celebrate! But Thanksgiving is always a bittersweet one because I'm so far away from my actual home and my family, and while all of my friends get to spend the holidays stuffing their faces with tryptophan-loaded turkey and all the good stuff, wherever I am isn't the same. Don't get me wrong: I love spending Thanksgiving in the U.S., and the last three Thanksgivings have all been completely different: one spent in New Hampshire with my sister and BIL and their family, one spent in Florida with my cousin exploring state school life and seeing more family, and the last one surprising my parents and flying home (much needed!). 

But Thanksgiving isn't really about spending time with your direct family, but more about surrounding yourself with people you love: even if it's not the traditional setting. This year, I'll be exploring Philly and visiting one of my best friends in her new apartment as she settles into grad school life, and the idea of doing nothing but lounging around, watching movies, ordering takeout and drinking wine sounds fantastic to me right now! 

Despite the fact that there's not huge Thanksgiving feast headed my way, I still wanted to make my little dorm room feel festive. As you may remember, one of the things on my 101 in 1001 list was to get fresh flowers for my room once a week, and when I discovered Teleflora's seasonal bouquets, it was the perfect combination. With selections like the Thanksgiving Garden Centerpiece, Maple Leaf Bouquet, Classic Cornucopia Centerpiece, and the Country Artisan Bouquet (my personal fave!), Teleflora has all the options and more for the fall flowers you most definitely need on your Thanksgiving table this year. 

I picked out the Country Artisan Bouquet for my bedroom, and priced at just under $75 for the extra-large premium option, it was the perfect way to brighten up my dorm room, especially with how gross Connecticut has been looking lately (and especially because my Seasonal Affect Disorder has been TOO real lately! This time change is killing me!). With beautiful lilies, carnations and roses, it turned a college bedroom into home for the holiday season - all I was really missing was my family! 

The flowers lasted me more than a week (and that was with my sub-par watering skills and zero access to natural light!), and still remained as beautiful until their "death". But the vase that it came in survived long past the flowers' lifespan, and it was way too cute to get rid of! While I don't have much need for a vase for traditional flowers (although it will come in handy when I pick up my next bouquet.. need to stick to my 101 in 1001 list!), I decided to utilize it in a much more "college" way: storage hacks! 

Throwing my hair straightener and curling wand in the vase, as well as my go-to round brush, it was the perfect addition to my bathroom countertop space (and saved me from all of the clutter that was there previously). I even added my favorite craft - the gold glitter-dipped mason jars - to hold my makeup brushes and continue the organization trend. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! 

I don't think even I realized how much a bouquet of flowers could brighten up a room, and a mood on some tough days! 

Have you ever bought flowers for yourself or for your dorm room or apartment? Who would you buy Teleflora flowers for this Thanksgiving?

 Autumn harvest colors of are in full bloom in Teleflora’s stunning collection of fall bouquets. Order at

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November 16, 2015

Ballin' on a Budget: Crafting for your Sorority Little

As many of my readers know, I'm one for the savings. I've been meaning to make this into a series for quite some time, so I figured I'd start where I know the most: my littles. Welcome to the first installment of the Ballin' on a Budget series.. aka my life motto as a college student!

I've mentioned this before, but I have two littles in my sorority, but I didn't take them at the same time, After getting my first perfect little, we did informal recruitment in the Spring and they needed bigs for the new members. My little was 100% ok with it (more okay than I was really), and we began the process of "dating". I knew my second little was the one for me when she accidentally liked a picture from my first little's Instagram from like 30 weeks back. I was like YAASSS SHE'S STALKING US SHE LOVES US!

Little #1 - Lia - just took a little of her own and she finally realized how big of a task it was preparing for her. If you don't pay attention, you can spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on your little, and while it is super tempting (because we love spoiling our precious babies), it's probably not the best idea for your wallet to blow hundreds of dollars that you may not have.

Because I've done this one twice, I figured I would share some tips to help some potential bigs with the crafting process.

// know your budget: 
The biggest thing is to be realistic when it comes to crafting for your little. Realistically assess how much you are willing and can afford to spend on your little - a lot of money isn't necessary for beautiful gifts for your little, so be honest with yourself and know what you can spend before you start the crafting process.

// don't try to compete: 
I know how tempting this can be, especially when your friends are also taking littles. We all want to spoil our perfect littles, but sometimes we can get caught up in trying to compete or match every little thing someone else is doing. Your little loves you for you, not for the gifts you buy her. So no, you don't need to buy her a designer bag or craft super crazy expensive elaborate crafts, just create something meaningful and spoil your little with love!

// buy in bulk or larger portions: 
When I was crafting, I made sure to buy larger tubes of acrylic paints that I knew I would use a lot of, like white, red and green (my sorority's colors), and black. Buying bigger packs of canvases, larger bottles of glitter and value packs of glue sticks and mod podge saved me a ton of money in the long run! Don't need all of this? Share supplies and split the cost with a friend or someone from your fam!

// ask your big for help: 
Big always knows best (don't tell my big I just said that..) and she can lend her expertise to you! Whether it be ideas, or bribing her to make some crafts for her new G-little (shout out to Tamar for making the cutest Lilly-inspired letters for my little!), your big will be there to help, and if all else fails, I'm sure she'll be by your side with a glass of wine cheering you on! Remember, she did this all for you last year, we know she's capable to do it again!

// buy dollar store versions: 
Scouring dollar stores is one of my favorite broke girl hacks when it comes to crafting. On a super strict budget? Skip Michael's and the real mason jars for similar-looking dollar store versions for only, you guessed it, a dollar! Need cute baskets to hold all your gifts? Check out your local dollar store!

// make a list: 
Make a list before you go supplies shopping! This seems like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how easily it is to pick up random (and often unnecessary) things as you stroll through the aisles! Make a list of all the things you need and stick to it!

// search for sales: 
Joanne's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby and even Walmart constantly have sales on craft supplies. Many of these stores even have student discounts, so get a membership card and save yourself 10% on your order. Every penny counts! Plus, many Greek online shops have flash sales to save you money on lettered shirts, sweatpants and other sorority memorabilia.

Taking a little in a sorority is one of the best feelings and most important parts of being in a sorority. Through my two littles, I have found sisters, best friends and two of the most important people in my life (and my Snapchat best friends list.. #goals). Good luck crafting!

Need craft ideas? Try these Lilly-print wooden letters, and these gold glittered mason jars
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