March 01, 2016

Fitness First: Going from Sweating to Studying and Beyond

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, but all my opinions are my own. 
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Two full months into the new year, and I am actually sticking to some of my resolutions! As I explained back in January, they're less of resolutions and more of monthly goals, but regardless, I'm proud of myself for sticking through these. Who knew I had willpower? 
One of my biggest goals for 2016 was to work on my fitness and health, and start going to the gym regularly again. You see, I love how working out makes me feel, but as someone balancing school, an on-campus job, my role as a resident assistant, various organizations on-campus, the job search and a somewhat demanding senior year social life, finding time to work out is always difficult. 

This semester, I've found that there will be days that I'll leave my room at 9am for a meeting, and head to class, then work, and I have to take advantage of that random hour gap of time before my next class in order to stick to my goals. With legit no time before my next class, I have three options: either skip the gym, skip my class, or suck it up and go to class feeling (and looking) gross.. and none of these are appealing to me. And that's when I use my secret weapon. 

What secret weapon, you ask? Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant. Luckily, I've partnered up with Dove to give you a peek into what's in my gym bag and how I manage to freshen up after a hard workout at the gym when you just don't have time to run home and change before class, work, that meeting or even a lunch date. 

// a water bottle: I seriously don't go anywhere without water, and I kept purchasing the large liter bottles of water at my school caf until I decided I needed to stop contributing to the waste and the growing number of plastic bottles, and instead picked up a reusable water bottle. My favorite part is that it has pre-filled plastic ice cubes that you can just stick in your freezer to keep your drink cold! 

// headphones: This one should go without saying, but there's no way I'd even be semi-productive at the gym if I didn't have a bomb playlist keeping me motivated! My go-to song for lifting? Lose Yourself by Eminem. My running jam? GDFR by Flo Rida!

// a baseball cap: On Wednesdays, I actually finish with my kickboxing class only 5 minutes before my night class, and the last thing I want to do it show up looking like I just took a shower for three full hours. As soon as I'm done my workout, I usually pull my hair out of a pony and just throw a baseball cap on (bonus points when it's a Boston sports team, am I right?!) and look as fresh as ever

// a hand towel: This is a must-have if you're going straight from the gym to class. I just use the towel to wipe my body dry of all the sweat, and I pat my face a few times just to keep the shiny glisten off and I'm good to go!

// deodorant: This is my ultimate go-to before I even think of going to class or seeing anyone after I work out. Let's be real, no one smells great after breaking a sweat, and re-applying deodorant never hurts. I swear by Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant because for one, you don't have to roll anything on your already sweaty body (ew!), and it smells amazing because it comes in legitimately a ton of different scents. I picked up both the original and the beauty finish bottles.. but I've seen ones like soothing chamomile that I'm definitely going back for! It goes on clear and dry, and keeps you odor and moisture free all day (and for up to 48 hours!), reducing all chances of embarrassment. I physically would not leave the locker room without touching up with this first.. you're welcome, friends! 

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant is the latest beauty trend you don't want to be the last to try! It goes on instantly dry with no visible residue while providing 48 hours of odor and wetness protection and Dove ¼ moisturizers for softer, smoother underarms. Go to to learn more. #TryDry  
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  1. Such a great tip about the baseball cap! I like to work out between classes but I usually have enough time to go home and shower first. These tips are great for those days when I'm rushed!

    Kayla |

  2. Awesome tips! I am pretty unpresentable after I work out- so it's usually straight to the showers for me!

  3. Great tips! I never rock the baseball hat, but so many girls always look so cute in one!! The deo sounds really cool too, I'll have to look for it!

  4. You go girl, rocking all aspects of life!

  5. Great tips! I've heard a lot of great things about the Dove spray! Definitely need to give it a try!

    xo Ashley

  6. That Dove Dry Spray sounds great! I sometimes work out between classes and it's great to have a towel and some spray to dry off and smell better! Haha :)


  7. this deodorant is awesome, I use it all the time! It feels so much better to lightly spray something on rather than getting that jelly, wet type texture that the sticks give! x, kenz

  8. Awesome post! I have been on a hunt for cute baseball hat, but I always end up looking like a little boy.. hhaa. Hope you have a great day!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  9. You're doing a great job on balancing school and the gym! I've heard great things about the Dove Dry spray, I need to check it out.

    Southern Soul

  10. I've been trying out these Adobe sprays as well. The chamomile is my favorite one! Xoxo Mindy

  11. I've always been super skeptical of spray antiperspirants - they remind me of hairspray!

  12. I want to try dove dry spray!! It looks super useful :-)


    Hannah from HMS Jewels

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