June 08, 2016

June Goals

I know many of you must be wondering where I disappeared to, especially since I made the commitment in my January/February goals to blog more consistently. This was my last semester of college (as you all know from Monday's post), and it was definitely a hectic one. Between a full course-load, working on-campus, being a full-time RA and participating in all of my student involvements, this semester was crazy. Add in a booming social life (#seniorsrule), my sister's wedding (including trips home and to New York for dress fittings), some more medical stuff, applying and interviewing for jobs and YET another round of laptop issues (honestly Apple, is it SO HARD to ask for a functioning laptop?!!), I was forced to put The Caro Diaries on the backburner. And I'm not upset about that: honestly, it's okay to put life first.

Now that I'm back home and funemployed for the summer, I have a few things I definitely want to achieve this month! I'm starting to share my goals every month as a way of keeping myself accountable!

// work towards getting a job: this includes fine-tuning my resume, working on my LinkedIn profile and applying to jobs at home. I don't really want to rush into working just yet, and my parents and I decided it would be a good idea for me to settle into life at home before I rushed into working. I originally didn't want to start working until September, but realistically I'm aiming to be employed by mid-July to August.

// save my money: although I'm not bringing in a full-time income because I haven't started working yet, I'm making a little money here and there through babysitting and the blog, and I want to save the very little I do make throughout the summer so I can treat myself in the future. My next purchases: a new laptop (I desperately need one - this baby is holding on by a thread at this point), more clothes obviously, a trip to visit my friends back in the U.S., and booking a carnival costume for carnival in February!

// get back into a workout routine at home: moving home has been tough because now I have to re-create a whole routine. Now that I'm home, I'm finding it harder to "find time" to workout because I'm not in a strict routine.. I simply have too much free time! (I know it makes no sense!) I started back working out this week with my cousin, and I'm comparing costs of several gyms in the area and deciding which one I want to get a membership to!

// launch The Caro Diaries at home: a big reason I didn't want to move home was because I felt like it would be the end of the blog I worked so hard to build over the last three years. I decided that I simply wouldn't let that happen, and I'm working to launch TCD at home by working with local companies, attending local events and eventually (hopefully) hosting events of my own!

// cut my hair: my hair has gotten so ridiculously long lately and feels so unhealthy.. the ends are brittle and weak and my hair just falls limp and stringy, and even when I blowdry it out or curl my hair, it never seems to last longer than a day (though I should note, Trinidad's humid weather probably has something to do with that). Anyways, I'm wayyy overdue for a trim and I really just want to chop it all off! Here's to trying something new!

I think that's enough goals for this month! Good luck with all your goals and plans for this month, guys! I'm sure you'll all kill it! I'll definitely update next month with my progress!

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  1. Congrats on graduating from college! Your grad cap was so cute! :) I totally get the concept of having "too much free time" - I feel like I get more done when I know I'm under a time crunch. When I have too much free time, I'm just like "oh, I'll do it later because I have nothing to do" and then it never ends up getting done. Oops. Good luck on all your June goals, and I hope your laptop holds up!

    // Hannah

  2. Love these goals!! I feel like with a positive attitude like this you will do awesome things this summer! :-)

    xoxo A

  3. I want to save money and cut my hair, too! I hate that a trim is so expensive haha because that does not help my saving money goal!


  4. I always get that feeling of "blah" when I need to cut my hair haha.

    Alix | www.apintsizedlife.com

  5. Live up your time of "funemployment" to the fullest! The summer after college before I started my job in August was easily the most fun I had during my time in school. I'm glad you're not too stressed — don't rush it and just enjoy your hard earned time off!
    Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

  6. You have some great goals here. Saving money is always a good goal as well as looking for a job.

  7. Congrats on graduating! Definitely enjoy your funemployment while you can! You're organized with your plan for the future, so I'm sure you'll do great! My one piece of advice would be not to stress. As cliche as it sounds, everything falls into place!

  8. Congrats on graduating!! Cheers to a summer spent in funemployment! I can't wait to see what you have in store for the blog over the summer!

    xo Ashley

  9. I loved this post simply because it was so relatable. I haven't had a lot of hours at work this summer & I have been trying to save every single penny. I also just cut my hair about shoulder length which is a big change & I have loved every second of it.
    Taylor | SmartAndSimplistic.com

  10. Great goals! Saving money and establishing a workout routine are definitely on my to-do list for this month/summer as well :)
    XO Amanda | www.glitterandspice.com

  11. Congrats on graduating! Enjoy your summer and funemployment! (but best of luck finding a job as well!) I've also made it a goal to save my money this summer, and get back into a workout routine (I know what you mean about having too much free time, haha!). I'm sure you'll kill it on your goals! :)

    Stephanie | www.stephanietherese.com

  12. Congrats on graduating! I was in the same boat this last semester, it was so incredibly crazy I was barely ever able to actually focus on the blog. I need to do the same and set out goals for myself - post grad adulating is no joke!

    Pick Your Beau

  13. These are awesome goals! I've really been focusing on saving my money this summer!

  14. Congratulations on graduation! I would love if you shared more ways of how you're going to save money and get back on the fitness track-those are two things I can always use inspiration with!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  15. Congrats on graduating! I'm with you on saving money!

  16. It's totally okay to take some time for yourself and the rest of your life. Your blog and your readers will always be here for you! Congratulations on finishing school!

  17. Good luck with the job search! I know you're going to find something amazing!

  18. These are great goals. I really need to work on budgeting too so we are in it together!

    Sara Kate Styling


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