August 04, 2016

August Goals

Wow guys, I suck! I spoke this huge plan about getting back into the swing of things, and I just failed! But it's okay! I'm accepting it and moving on! I cannot believe we're in August already. Literally five seconds ago it was January, but ok 2016, move fast why don't you?! Let's get into this month's goals!


1. Book another client // Not only did I book another client this month, but I actually expanded how I'm working with one of my current clients as well, as well as picked up some freelance work! This is really exciting for me especially as I gear up to start work full-time, I still want to work on my side-hustle and get as much experience as I can! 

2. Continue to work out at least three times a week // Ok, I kind of did this one. There were good weeks and bad weeks, so I'm gonna give myself partial credit, but my workout classes kind of were put on pause as there was so much going on this month. But, I did start back running and over the last two weeks, I've been running 3-4 times a week, so hopefully I can continue this in August. 

3. Shoot two outfits to post // Not even gonna try and justify this, I totally failed at this one. Between the heat and a lot going on, I just haven't gotten around to this. On top of that, I've been feeling really not myself lately and not 100% comfortable in my skin, so the last thing I want to do is shoot pictures! 

4. Read three books // I'm going to admit that I was majorly failing this goal this month, but in the last few days I've managed to read 5 books! It's actually sickening how much time I spent laying in bed reading my Kindle.. but I also have a whole new list of books waiting to be read! 

5. Re-do my resume // I planned to redo my designed resume, but about a week into the month, I got a phone call and was asked to interview within an hour - so I didn't have that much time. So I updated my document resume! I'm giving myself partial credit because even though I didn't re-design my resume, I still updated it and landed a job, so pat on my back! 

3/5 - I'm actually impressed because up until last week, I thought I had accomplished none of these goals, and a lot just fell together in that week! So props to me for pulling together :) And now I'm gearing up for a new month and time to crush it! 


I'm spending the next week and a half sailing in the Grenadines with my best friends, and will definitely be MIA 

1. Buy a new laptop // I'm in desperate need of a new computer, and Apple is having their annual student discount deal where they're including a pair of Beats headphones with your purchase, so what better excuse to get a laptop than that?!! I've got my eye on a Macbook Pro with retina display and the rose gold headphones ;) 

2. Save my money // I'm gearing up for some pretty big purchases and so I'll need to save majorly and stop my random spending for the next few months!

3. Read five books // This is kind of a high number but I'm hoping I spend my time on vacation wisely! What better place to read five summer reads than lounging on beaches with white sands and crystal clear waters?! Have any good book recommendations? Wrote a summer book list? Send them my way!! 

4. Book my carnival costume // Have you heard of Trinidad carnival?! It's the first time I'll be playing in 5 years, so I'm very excited! I'll be playing with Harts and have to decide between two costumes so fingers crossed I figure it out and make my downpayment soon! 

5. Create my September content calendar // Once I start to work full-time, I know I'm going to have less time to focus on the blog, between work, freelancing, VA stuff and an actual life.. so I want to plan ahead with a content calendar and get back to posting at least twice a week (maybe Tuesdays and Thursdays!)

Well, that's it.. those are my goals for this month! Fingers crossed I can get through them. In the mean time, you can find me lounging on a beach with my kindle in hand! 

What are you goals for this month? Did you crush your July goals? 

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  1. Five books? In a month? Girl I wish I had your ambition! I'm lucky if I can finish two these days. :( *Sigh* Happy Reading and I hope you hit your goal.

    And, congrats and good luck at the new job!

  2. Love this! My goals are to figure out how to shoot my new DSLR and to figure out how to make pinterest work for me. I won't be leaving the house until I figure that out. LOL

  3. Congrats on accomplishing so much in July! One of my August goals includes writing a few extra blog posts to have ready when I am sick or really busy, etc.

  4. I love seeing blog posts like this one. Your honesty and accountability is inspiring!

  5. These are great goals! Good luck accomplishing them! One of my goals for this month was to set a new blogging schedule and really vamp up my website and I am happy to say that I have done that! YAY!!

  6. 3/5 goals is great! With that new job you landed you can most likely accomplish the save some money goal for this month!


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