December 12, 2016

December Goals

And there we have it folks.. we're already in December. And because this post is coming so late in the month.. we're less than one month away from a new freakin' year. How the hell did this happen?!!

November was a HUGE month, filled with a lot of changes... changes I cannot WAIT to announce! But it was definitely a hectic and stressful month! And because of that, I wasn't as productive as I would have liked to be. Yes, this is me making an excuse, but when you finally hear my announcement, you'll understand why and let this one slide.

Check out last month's goals and recap post HERE!


1. Utilize The Genius Bloggers Toolkit // LOL, nope. I am not even gonna try and pretend I even tried to do this. I didn't. I failed! Oh well, next month! 

2. Take on another client // Done and done! I welcomed a new client this month and have been loving the collaboration so far. You know when someone just clicks with you... 

3. Start using Pinterest more // I haven't even come close to this! Once again, just haven't had the time...

4. Get started on my Christmas shopping // I spent the last week in Miami with my mom and sisters shopping for Christmas, so I got started but by no means am I done with my shopping! UGHHH! 

5. Shoot two outfit posts // LOL, if it's possible, my self-esteem has gotten even lower than usual, and the idea of shooting outfit posts seems impossible. I'm confident that in 2017 I'll get back into it!

2/5: Whoops! Okay, I'm just impressed I got any off this list. Silver linings, right?! 


1. Create a solid content calendar // I do this at work. I do this with my clients. Why do I keep putting off doing this for myself? I'm ready to dive in this month! 

2. Read three books // 2017 is going to be a very stressful year, and I have the week after Christmas off from work. I want to take that time to really allow myself to relax and read a couple books. I recently downloaded a ton of books on my Kindle, so what better time to tackle them than the holidays?! Should I do a reading list? You tell me!

3. Clean out my closet // While I didn't shop for myself that much in Florida, I definitely am in desperate need of cleaning out my closet and getting rid of clothing that I no longer like or even wear. My style has definitely shifted since I graduated college, and my wardrobe should be a reflection of that. 

4. Order a 2017 planner // As you may know, I'm a major planner addict. From Lilly to Erin Condren and everything in between, I cannot for the life of me decide which I want to use for 2017! Any suggestions? I'm torn between Erin Condren, Purposeful Planner and Day Designer for my every day, and May Designs agenda for my blog planner! 

5. Learn a new makeup trick // Since last year, I've been really into makeup, and on this trip, I picked up a few items I'd been wanting for a while. Not having a Sephora in my country makes this addiction really difficult, y'all! So armed with a ton of new product, a new eyeshadow palette and brand new brushes, I'm ready to try a new look! Jaclyn Hill, here I come! 

What are your goals for the rest of the year? 

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