January 07, 2019

January Goals

Wow, I haven't done a goals post in so long – literally since 2017! How is that possible that it's been two years since my last goals post? That's depressing! Anyways, I'm excited to start 2019 on a positive and productive note, and part of it means keeping my goals in check.

2019 brings new opportunities, new experiences, a new role I'm stepping into, and new chances to live my very best life every single day. I'm excited for all the possibilities that the year holds, but I'm very anxious to see how it all plays out. Above all, 2018 taught me I need to let go and go with God, so I'm leaving 2019 in his hands. But not without a little work on my end. Let's get started with my January goals:


1. RE-COMMIT TO THE BLOG // You know how badly I dropped the ball last year, and I really don't want that to be the case for 2019. So for one of my January goals, I'm hoping to spend some time brainstorming content, growth and opportunities for TCD and my readers. 

2. PERSONALIZE MY SPACE AT WORK // We spend so much time in our office – more time than we do at home (!!!) – that I think it's important to make it feel like 'you'. I'm hoping to take the time this month to really make my space feel like me, so that I'm looking forward to going into the office, and feeling my most creative and productive while I'm there. Ain't nobody wanna sit down and be unproductive for 8 hours. 

3. SAVE MONEY // While in Trinidad I might not be hitting the mall or Sephora every week, I fall victim to irresponsible spending and I don't even realize it. I'll run into the pharmacy for one thing and walk out with a substantial bill (every time!), or I'll forget to pack myself lunch and I'll have to buy something. I do it way too often and it adds up, so I want to start the year off on the right foot and save more. 

4. CUT OUT DIET SODA // I am really bad with this: I drink Diet Coke like it's my job. And while it might not have any calories or any sugar, it's definitely not good for me, who am I fooling? So I need to cut the addiction for real. I'll limit myself to one or two on weekends, or if I need a chaser with a drink (better diet than sugar, right?) 

5. EXERCISE 5 DAYS A WEEK // I'm not saying I need to run a marathon or spend three hours lifting every single day, but I want to commit to doing something, even if it's for 20 minutes, every day! I'm an all-or-nothing kind of girl, and I find that I'm either obsessive with working out or I'll not do a thing for months, so I want to make it a natural and healthy part of my routine – not where I'm obsessive, but where I genuinely do it to feel good every day. Here's to a healthier me! 

Cheers to a new month, a new year and a more committed me! 

What are you hoping to achieve in January? Let me know in the comments below! 

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January 03, 2019

My 2019 New Year's Resolution: Unapologetic

Happy New Year to you! I spoke a little bit last year (OMG, that feels so weird to type - I'm gonna end up writing 2018 for the next 3 months lol) about how I wanted my return to blogging to be 100% authentic, to feel real, and to be unapologetically me.

So when I was thinking about what I wanted to go forward in 2019 with, I knew I wanted to focus on one word. For me, it almost felt natural for that word to be unapologetic. I want to ensure I'm taking the time to be 100% unapologetic in my thoughts, in my words, in my actions.

Now don't get me wrong: unapologetic doesn't mean selfish, it doesn't mean conceited and it doesn't mean unfair. What I mean for unapologetic is that I want to be so sure of every single thing that I do, decision that I make, thought that crosses my mind, that I feel no remorse. I want to be so sure because I want to shape my 2019, and I know that being unapologetic in my every day life will help to change my habits for the better. I want to be unapologetic in..

how I treat my body // I find that, much like most people, I fall into the trap of being healthy for a month or two of every New Year. Luckily, or unluckily, for me, Trinidad's Carnival is always within the first three months of each year, so I spend the first months eating really well, exercising like crazy and being really committed to my body – and then I fall off the wagon.

This year, I don't want to do that. I want to commit to treating my body well: beyond just eating well and going to the gym. I no longer want this to feel like a 'resolution', I want it to be a part of my life.

how I treat my mind // I find myself being very hard on myself, especially when it comes to my mental health, and it's something I want to work on this year. Too often, I push my mental health and wellness on the back burner, and I want to prioritize it in 2019.

how I spend my time // If it's one thing that a new year can teach us, it's that life is short. I mean, think about it, it was literally January 1, 2018 like 2 minutes ago! Time is flying!

So often, I find days blurring and flying by, and I realize that I haven't done much to live during that time. So I want to focus on living more in 2019: experiencing more, travelling more, being more present. I want to be purposeful with my time, I want to stop procrastinating and I want to commit myself to putting my all into every single moment.

my financial decisions // I'm not sure if it's just me, but I spend money SO quickly, and on literally nothing. I'll pick up a pack of gum, and then all of a sudden, I've dropped a small fortune on items I don't really need, or I'll pick up lunch every day because I don't feel to pack lunch for work. And all of these little habits add up to one expensive practice.

In 2019, I want to really focus on my financial health, building and sticking to a budget, learning to invest my money and making the conscious effort to work towards my savings.

expanding knowledge // Towards the end of 2018, I really started to read more regularly, and I rekindled that love for reading. In 2019, I've taken the challenge to read 52 books: one book a week. My logic is that I read 30+ books from September to December, so reading 4 books a month can't be that hard, right?

But besides reading books, I want to keep learning. I want to constantly take courses online, read business books, read articles related to both my field and others. I want to challenge myself mentally.

committing to myself // I think this will be the hardest of all, because I'm definitely my biggest critic. This year, I want to be a little selfish, and I want to commit to myself.

Whether it's work, the blog, my side hustle or just bettering myself, I want to 100% believe in myself, and go all in. Knowing that I'm diving headfirst into everything I do should be the confidence I need to absolute rock it, and succeed in every aspect of my life.

my relationships // Whether it's with family, friends or a romantic relationship, I want to be more unapologetic about my commitments to these relationships. Too often, I find myself prioritizing one relationship or group over the other, and definitely see and feel the strains on my other relationships.

I want to be fair to myself, and to those who I'm in a relationship with. I want to make the effort that's needed, and really learn what I need to give and receive from each and every relationship.

And so, with that, is my 2019 New Year's resolution. I hope to see changes across all aspects of my life, and I pray I embody this word wholeheartedly throughout the year and years to come.

Do you choose a word of the year? Do you set New Year's resolutions? Let me know in the comments! 

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