January 07, 2019

January Goals

Wow, I haven't done a goals post in so long – literally since 2017! How is that possible that it's been two years since my last goals post? That's depressing! Anyways, I'm excited to start 2019 on a positive and productive note, and part of it means keeping my goals in check.

2019 brings new opportunities, new experiences, a new role I'm stepping into, and new chances to live my very best life every single day. I'm excited for all the possibilities that the year holds, but I'm very anxious to see how it all plays out. Above all, 2018 taught me I need to let go and go with God, so I'm leaving 2019 in his hands. But not without a little work on my end. Let's get started with my January goals:


1. RE-COMMIT TO THE BLOG // You know how badly I dropped the ball last year, and I really don't want that to be the case for 2019. So for one of my January goals, I'm hoping to spend some time brainstorming content, growth and opportunities for TCD and my readers. 

2. PERSONALIZE MY SPACE AT WORK // We spend so much time in our office – more time than we do at home (!!!) – that I think it's important to make it feel like 'you'. I'm hoping to take the time this month to really make my space feel like me, so that I'm looking forward to going into the office, and feeling my most creative and productive while I'm there. Ain't nobody wanna sit down and be unproductive for 8 hours. 

3. SAVE MONEY // While in Trinidad I might not be hitting the mall or Sephora every week, I fall victim to irresponsible spending and I don't even realize it. I'll run into the pharmacy for one thing and walk out with a substantial bill (every time!), or I'll forget to pack myself lunch and I'll have to buy something. I do it way too often and it adds up, so I want to start the year off on the right foot and save more. 

4. CUT OUT DIET SODA // I am really bad with this: I drink Diet Coke like it's my job. And while it might not have any calories or any sugar, it's definitely not good for me, who am I fooling? So I need to cut the addiction for real. I'll limit myself to one or two on weekends, or if I need a chaser with a drink (better diet than sugar, right?) 

5. EXERCISE 5 DAYS A WEEK // I'm not saying I need to run a marathon or spend three hours lifting every single day, but I want to commit to doing something, even if it's for 20 minutes, every day! I'm an all-or-nothing kind of girl, and I find that I'm either obsessive with working out or I'll not do a thing for months, so I want to make it a natural and healthy part of my routine – not where I'm obsessive, but where I genuinely do it to feel good every day. Here's to a healthier me! 

Cheers to a new month, a new year and a more committed me! 

What are you hoping to achieve in January? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. Great goals! I actually am also trying to personalize my work space too! We moved offices in May and I STILL don't have any decorations or pictures up haha!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. Hey girl! These are GREAT goals! I too have a hard time with pointless shopping... I don't know what it is, but I'm trying to cut down and really ask myself each time I try to buy a new item "does this item bring value to my life?" and it's seriously helped! I hope it helps you too! xoxo

  3. I'm trying to get back into the gym too. Good luck with your goals this month!

  4. Great goals! To help me cut back on spending I make myself wait to buy things. There will always be another sale and I made it this far without said item, I can wait a few more weeks!

  5. I just did #2 myself! I'm much more productive if my workspace looks nice. If you must sit in one place for hours working, you may as well do something with it that gives you some enjoyment. Good luck with the diet coke habit! I've never drunk it myself, but have heard from others that it can be a real addiction. Have you tried kombucha? That's what I have when I want something other than water because it tastes wonderful and has health benefits. I just watched someone kick the diet coke habit with kombucha. It's got the fizz, the sweetness and, since it's made from tea, a bit of the caffeine.

  6. I'm working on 1, 2, and 3 right now! Especially number two. I just moved into a new office, and I haven't had the time I need to really clean it out.

  7. Saving money is one of my top goals for the year. Number 5 really scared me. I just can't get time to workout for 5 days straight

  8. Best of luck with your resolutions!! You will have to keep us posted on how they go! I'm sharing mine for 2019 on the blog later this week and can't wait. :)

    xoxo A

  9. I totally need to save more money this year! That's at the top of my list.

    -xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

  10. Monthly goals really help me stick to my overarching resolutions for the year. I also end up buying little things here and there and it makes a big difference in my overall budget. I am trying to be better about that!

  11. ahh so many great goals!! I don't really set goals so I don't have anything really for Jan. I am having a baby this month so I guess that's my goal haha! It's funny you said about diet soda, I gave up the stuff years and years ago but during pregnancy I would randomly crave a diet soda. I wouldn't drink it because it's so bad for me/the baby haha but i get it!

  12. These are all great goals. I have some of the same this month.

  13. These are amazing goals! I hope you achieve them all. I need to save money too. it can be so hard sometimes!

  14. I definitely need to recommit to my blog and get back into working out this month! Good luck girlie!


  15. January is my month for starting a new with pretty much everything! I mainly want to read 3-4 books haha.

  16. My goal is to not drink any wine or alcohol for the rest of the month!

  17. I use to workout 5 days week but ive been sick so im hoping to get back to it!

  18. These are some serious goals, girl! I'm so excited about you recommitting to the blog. I can't wait to see what awesome things come of it this year! And good for you for wanting to commit to working out five times a week. My goal is twice a week. We're two weeks in, and I'm already struggling. Yikes!

  19. Can't wait to see what new goodness comes to the blog in 2019-I've missed seeing your posts!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

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