April 16, 2019

April Goals (+ March Recap)

Whoops – this is coming late, even though I wrote and (thought I) scheduled this weeks ago. Anyway... How the heck is it April already? Has March really come and gone so quickly? In March, I celebrated my 6-year blogging anniversary, played Carnival and gotten drowned in work.. but what's new, right?

We're officially a quarter-way into 2019, and it's a little terrifying to be honest. We're officially in that time period where I start to majorly ignore my New Year's Resolutions, and the whole 'new year, new me' schtick just about ends. That's why I'm committing to doing my monthly goals and really trying to stay on track. Without further ado, let's get into this month's goals and last month's recap!


1. GET BACK ON TRACK WITH EATING HEALTHY // I want to give myself 50% credit for this, because 2 weeks out of the month consisted of eating healthy, and then the other 2 weeks.. oof! I feel like I had one bad weekend, and then I just spiraled. So I definitely need to get back on track for that! 

2. SCHEDULE MORE BLOG CONTENT // Technically this is a yes and no. I did do a ton of blog work, drafted a bunch of blog posts and have them all sitting in the backend waiting to post, but I didn't post as consistently as I wanted this month. However, I did post a couple times this month, so I'm doing better than (my recent) normal, so I'm considering this a win! So here's to continuing to try harder and be better month after month. 

3. BOOK MY FLIGHTS FOR E'S WEDDING // UGH, not yet! I sourced a flight out last month that I planned to book this month, and then I checked on it sometime this week and the price was doubled! I'm always one to look for the most affordable flight fares, and one of my fave travel sites advised me to wait a little before booking as they suspect flight prices will drop again soon, so I'm holding out a few more weeks! 

4. WAKE UP EARLIER // Wow, I definitely failed at this one! I'm no better now than I was last month, so I need to work on in April. I think my whole schedule is off right now, ugh!

5. START BACK POSTING ON INSTAGRAM // While I'm definitely not as consistent, and I'm not quite #OOTD status, I did return to Instagram in March, and posted 3 whole photos (and lots of Story content), which is more than I can say for all of 2018, eek! 

TOTAL: 2.5/5: I'd say a pretty average month, I definitely need to work harder next month! 


1. READ 6 BOOKS // Kind of a typical goal for the month, but I'm hoping to get through 6 books this month, so that when I'm a little busier on later in the year, my reading goal for the year doesn't get pushed aside. I also have a ton of ARCs to get through, so I'm hoping to make it through at least 3 of them this month! 

2. START A NEW BLOG SERIES // One of my goals entering my 6th year of TCD is to be a little more consistent (wow, I sucked this month, didn't I?) and I think creating a few blog series that I'm able to write about regularly will be a big help. I already have a couple ideas, but would love to know what you want to see on the blog, so let me know in the comments!

3. CHALLENGE MYSELF IN SOME WAY // I definitely need to shake things up, and I think that finding a way to challenge myself: physically, mentally, emotionally even.. is important. I'm hoping to find something this month that can challenge me in a good way! 

4. INVEST IN SOMETHING FOR MY WARDROBE // I made the decision this year that I'd stop spending tons of money on fast fashion or clothes that don't last me more than a season, and would start investing slowly in more timeless pieces for my wardrobe. It won't be every month, but if I can purchase a capsule piece two to three times a year, I'll build a strong wardrobe without feeling it on my wallet.

5. PLAN MY UPCOMING TRIP TO NEW YORK & NASHVILLE // I originally was planning to spend an extended weekend in New York with my friend Bean, but then we got to talking with another friend and next thing you know, we planned a trip to Nashville for a few days after NYC. I've never been, and am DYING to go, so I want to book flights like, ASAP, and plan some of the itinerary for the trip. Have any recommendations for me? 

So that's it.. my goals for April.
What do you want to do in April? 

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  1. Good luck with your goals! It looks like you accomplished a lot in March. I don't blame you for not waking up earlier--I am NOT a morning person.

  2. Reading 6 months is a pretty healthy reading goal for one month! Impressive! Excited to hear about your NY and Nashville trips tpp!

  3. Good luck with your April goals and might want start thinking about May. April almost gone

  4. Good luck with your April goals! I'm hoping to also add something new to my wardrobe! I still need to find something though, now that April is almost over!

  5. Thanks for sharing your recap on your goals. I would love to complete a book this month.

  6. Good luck with your goals for the month, what a fab way to keep yourself accountable as well sharing it for all.

  7. Those are some great goals for this month! I should really get back into reading as well.

  8. I've also started approaching my wardrobe as a place for a few investment pieces rather than TONS of fast fashion pieces and I feel like it makes all the difference. Happy reading this month, I hope you find six fabulous books!

  9. There is a lot of goals here! I hope you mark them all off you list this month! :)

  10. These are all so fun! How exciting you get to go to NY and Nashville!!

  11. This is a habit we definitely need to adopt. Setting goals is such a great idea, no matter how simple some are. Well done with March and good luck with April! You got this ;)

  12. I really need to start using a planner and making a to-do list. I often forget to do things until the last minute!

  13. These are great goals! I want to get back to eating healthy on May or after this vacation.

  14. I love reading about monthly goals because it helps me reflect on my own goals! I need to be more consistent on my blog and recently came up with my "Wine Not Weekend Chat" that'll be the first weekend of every month. I'm nervous about the commitment but I think it's going to help! Give yourself a blog series that allows a lot of creativity and gives you a voice for anything. :) Planning trips to Nashville and New York should be so fun!!

  15. Those are some great goals. It's always nice to be able to make some goals. I need to put reading on my list too. I don't get to read much like I use to.

  16. It’s great to challenge ourselves with goals even if we don’t cross them all off the list. The awareness of what we hope to accomplish helps us to get more done.

  17. Your trips sound like a lot of fun! I hope to start making better choices about what to eat and make time to exercise more.

  18. I am very curious to find out what you get as wardrobe staples. I want to do this, I just never quite know what to pick.

  19. In what way do you want to challenge yourself? Making a decision is the best way to get started. Always great to have goals and it sounds like you are making progress. What genre of books will you be reading?

  20. Great goals. Having goals every month is such a strong way to measure yourself and your progress.

  21. Great goals for this months. it's mid April, how are doing so far?

  22. Good luck on your goals for this month - your trips sound super fun!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  23. Good luck on your goals this month! I know it can be hard to start, but so much easier to maintain once you hit a routine.

    xo, Makaela @ Uniquely Mickie

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