Hey! My name is Caroline, and I go by Caro (in case the whole name of the blog thing was completely missed by you..). I'm an 19 year old island girl, who moved from her Caribbean home of Trinidad and Tobago, to go to school in an affluent college in the middle-of-nowhere Connecticut. I'm a full-time student, but I'm also lucky enough to be the Social Media Coordinator for my college newspaper, The Quinnipiac Chronicle, and our Her Campus Quinnipiac chapter.

Welcome to The Caro Diaries. When I first started, I really didn't know what I wanted to blog about, but I guess I kinda figured it out along the way. I'm usually a preppy, lifestyle, fashion and college blog, but sometimes I'll just write about whatever I want to, cause I have random epiphanies and I do weird stuff like that.

The name came from my inspiration: Carrie Bradshaw, and the genius show that is The Carrie Diaries. Growing up, I adored Sex and the City. Though the show was risqué and a little unrealistic (because a NYC columnist could afford that apartment AND those shoes!), I fell in love with Carrie and her best friends, and their adventures, mishaps and tales of love, parties and excellent fashion taste.

I may or may not have an obsession with monograms. And by that, I mean everything in life deserves to be personalized. I also have a teeny obsession with J.Crew, Lilly, Kate Spade and maybe shopping on a whole. But don't let those names fool you, I can shop a sale like no other, and I'm a self-proclaimed Maxxinista. Pinterest is constantly open, and my iPhone is always at my side and is literally my partner in crime (plus I can dress it up with some super cute cases!). Stationery is my weakness, and give me $1000 and Staples and I guarantee you I'll have nothing left back. I have anxieties over choosing the perfect planner, which humors my friends extensively, but it really is a struggle (first world problem?).

I'm the biggest girly-girl you'll find, so give me a pair of amazing shoes or a new leather handbag and I'm set. I live for jewelry, and no outfit is complete without a splash of gold. If I could wear stripes every day, I would (I've tried, but my roommates won't let me!), and I have so many that my friends think I need an intervention. I will quote any movie or video I have seen, and although I like to think I'm funny, I'm really not. As cliché as it sounds, Lauren Conrad and Olivia Palermo are two of my style icons, and if I could look like Carrie Underwood I'd kiss the ground. I have permanent laugh lines, because that's all I do. Champagne is my weakness, and I believe in a glass of wine and a girl's night.

I have dreams bigger than my Pinterest account (which is hard to believe), and I dream of being an editor or social media director for an amazing company in New York or Boston one day. For as long as I can remember, I've adored fashion, art, media, magazines and big cities. Growing up, I devoured magazines like Tiger Beat, only to be replaced by Seventeen and Teen Vogue, and later Marie Claire, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Magazine journalism was always something I was going to do and I had no doubt that my name would be known one day.

If you want to get in touch, don't hesitate to use my contact forms or email me at caroline@thecarodiaries.com!

So here goes. My name is Caroline Moses, and prepare yourself, cause like Carrie Bradshaw, I'm gonna take over the world one expensive shoe step at a time.


  1. Hey Caro!

    Your blog is adorable! I have nominated you for The Liebster Award. Details are on my blog-


  2. We are sorority sisters! love your blog and loyal in the bond. <3


  3. You're adorable. The love of monograms and stationery is something I can definitely relate to. litb <3

  4. Like you, I'm a girl from the Caribbean going to school in the US too! I'm from Guyana and I live in Tampa. So nice to find another Caribbean blogger leading a life that is currently similar to mine. I love SATC as well and I was rather upset when The Carrie Diaries ended without us being told how Carrie met Miranda and Charlotte. And I have a thing for Kate Spade too but sadly my bank account doesn't allow for that as yet, one day though... And I love "I have dreams bigger than my pinterest account."


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