Why sponsor me? Cause I clearly make the best faces.

I don't think we need anything else. This picture should do the trick.

FINE, I'll give you more reasons. I'm kind of funny. Sometimes. Okay, I'm not but I like to pretend I am. But, for those of you who actually want "statistics" and ish - then read on. 

More than 5,000 cumulative followers. 
Like 0 GFC followers, but Hey!! I just switched to Blogger.. 
(speaking of which… follow me?!) 
I tweet a lot.. like a lot. Which is great for you.
I'm a pinner. And the masses like me. Well, I'm assuming.
I also Instagram a lot cause, filters.. duh
Oh and my Facebook page is pretty cool too. 
And if all else fails, I promise my mom will probably visit your blog. 
She swings by here on the reg. #notkidding
I'm also super organized and will make sure your life is perfect for the 30 day sidebar period.
(Okay, I can't promise that - but we can be blogger friends and you can email vent to me 24/7)

My stats are a little off, seeing as I've just switched over to Blogger for the first time evs. 
But I usually get.. 
800-3,000+ daily views
20,000-30,000+ monthly views
I usually post 2-4 times a week whenever I remember, aka whenever my life isn't stressed to the max. 
I'm a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network and the Her Campus Premier Blogger Network- which means I share my posts with 200 other lovely ladies who are the best and comment and love me.

Basically, you should sponsor me cause it'll make my life, and cause I'm cheap. 
(not me, per se, but my blog's prices are cheap.. you get what I mean.) 
Plus, if you sponsor me, I promise I'll tweet, pin, Facebook and every other social media you, except Google+ cause I don't even know what to do with that and it really isn't a real thing. I swear.

Company Sponsorship Inquiries?
Oh, you're welcome here too, don't worry! Things are a little different with you though. There are three ways we can break this down: sponsored posts, product reviews and giveaways, or sidebar advertising. In addition to the sponsorship, your company is promoted via all social media outlets, and I promise I may buy one (or ten) items in the following months.
No lie, I usually purchase more cause I love them so much.
If you're interested in any of these, or even want to work something else out, just shoot me an email and we can figure out the best option for your company, blog or product. I can be reached at caroline{at}thecarodiaries.com
If you'd like to see some examples of previous company sponsorship on my blog, you can view all here.

Disclaimer: I will not and do not share any of the personal information collected from my readers. Unless specified, I do not get paid for product reviews or promotions on The Caro Diaries. Sponsored posts will be marked accordingly. I may use affiliate links when linking to certain products, so please be aware that I may receive commission/referral earnings based on your purchases from these links. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at any time. 


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